’Tis the Season…To Eat Cake!

It’s that time of the year when shops fill up on all the delicious Christmas cakes! Find out all about your favorite sweet treat and discover new favorites this year.

The Traditions, Cultures, and Histories of these Seasonal Cakes

Christmas is a time of the year full of tradition that comes from decades and centuries of cultural and geographical history. Included in these traditions are the creations of our favorite seasonal cakes.

Most of these holiday cakes have roots from Europe, such as Panettone, Pandoro, Panforte, Mince Pies, Sachertorte, and Stollen.

Find out more of the details behind the world’s most famous Christmas Cakes:

Panettone vs. Pandoro vs. Panforte: Learn the History and Differences between Italy’s Famous Christmas Cakes


Classic Christmas Cakes: British Mince Pies, Austrian Sachertorte & German Stollen


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