Plus, satisfy your Japanese cravings at Aozora for sushi, tempura and more!

Dining by the ridge for clear views of Taal Lake is a priority for most visitors to Tagaytay. At the same time, there are also those hidden gems surrounded by lush greenery and the fresh cool breeze. For that breath of fresh air, head straight to Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro to satisfy all your Japanese cuisine cravings.

The Tagaytay Getaway

Aozora’s original location along the ridge boasted of prime views of Lake Taal. Now, its new location transports you from the Philippines into a Japanese hideaway. The restaurant is conveniently located just off the main road across the famous Starbucks (where you can go for a cup of coffee and admire the view afterward).

The highlight of Aozora is its Mori garden. In Japanese “aozora” means “blue sky” and “mori” means “forest.” The Mori garden brings together the forest and the blue skies above for a gorgeous setting to dine under the sun, with the sunset, and under the stars
If you prefer to dine inside, there are a few choices: the sushi bar and kitchen dining room, the main dining area, and the mezzanine above for a more private space. The casual, rustic design invites guests to feel at home as though in a neighborhood Japanese restaurant


Sashimi, Sushi, and Maki in Aozora

Start your meal at Aozora with its specialty sashimi, sushi, and maki rolls. The fresh fishes are both local and imported from Japan. If you love salmon, all their salmon dishes are a must-order and completely satisfy your cravings.

Salmon Sashimi at Aozora. The premium cuts of salmon melt in your mouth making the sashimi such a great order to start the meal. Great to share, but it’s so good you might have it all for yourself
Spicy Salmon Maki. If you love sushi rolls, you must order the maki rolls in Aozora. Highlights include their spicy maki made of salmon or tuna, dragon maki, and kana maki. They are filling and so satisfying


Seafood Selections in Aozora

The menu at Aozora can be overwhelmingly extensive with too many choices. Choose your favorites (like grilled, teppanyaki, or tempura) or even your favorite ingredients which are sources both locally and directly imported from Japan.

Grilled Salmon Head. The salmon head is full of meat all the way to its plump cheeks and jaw. The fish comes fresh from the grill with a gorgeous char on the skin. A great order to share with the whole table
Unagidon. The eel is sourced locally from a farm that produces high-quality Japanese-like eel that is proudly from the Philippines. You can really taste the difference in the meat as it has no smell and no bones. A great order for unagi fans


Yakitori and Grilled Selections in the Mori garden

If you are looking for meat, try the grilled selections coming from the Mori garden yakitori grill. If you are looking for an indulgent splurge, try the premium cuts of beef wagyu in the form of teppanyaki or saikoro cubes.

Chicken yakitori skewers on the yakitori grill. Aside from chicken, you can also get Tontoro pork cheeks (special request if not on the menu) which comes out so hot and succulent with all the rendered pork fat oozing out
Wagyu beef rendering and grilling. If you are going to order beef, it might as well be a premium, melt-in-your-mouth cut like this wagyu beef. So worth the splurge that your palate and stomach will thank you


Address & Hours

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro
SVD Road corner Tagaytay-Calamba Road
Monday to Thursday, 9am to 9pm
Friday to Sunday, 9am to 10:30pm


Disclaimer: This meal was graciously hosted by Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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