Chef’s Table Experience at the Pizza Bar

Do you love pizza? Are you in Tokyo? If you said “yes!” to both question, head straight to the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo’s Pizza Bar on 38th.

The pizza bar takes a small corner for an open-kitchen on the 38th floor of the hotel’s Italian restaurant. The concept combines a chef’s table with the Japanese dining bar experience in the form of authentic Italian pizza.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
Seasonal welcome starter. After you place your first order for pizza and drinks, the master chef prepares a welcome starter of a seasonal vegetable roasted in the pizza’s brick oven. This season showed off the gorgeous roasted fava beans
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
While you nibble on your complimentary starter and sip on your wine (or whatever other drink you prefer), you have the best front-row seats to watch the master pizza chef make your first pizza pie
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
From your bar seat, you will watch the entire process – from forming the pizza to the placement of the toppings and baking in the brick oven. After a few minutes, it comes out piping hot for the chef to explain the toppings of your chosen pizza


Roman-style Pizzas

Even if you are a fan of Neapolitan pizzas, the Pizza Bar’s Roman-style pizza will make you a new fan of this style. You get to bite if straight from the oven and experience the freshness of the pizza and the light, airy, crisp bite of the crust.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
Bufala with fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and basil. This classic pizza is also known as the pizza margherita. The chef places the buffalo mozzarella after it comes out the oven for the fresh, soft cheese to naturally melt on the pizza
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
The presentation of the pizza bar experience also comes with the service of plating. After dressing the pizza with the toppings, the chef divides the pizza according to the number of guests
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
Perfectly baked in the oven, with a proportional distribution of tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella, and topped with cute and perfect basil leaves. After these slices, you will surely order at least another pizza


More from the Menu

Aside from the classic Bufala pizza, the menu also offers a few more selections with various flavors and toppings that will satisfy and fill you up. You can also order salads and side dishes, like a cheese and charcuterie platter to pair your pizza.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
Marinara with tomato sauce, garlic, marjoram, extra virgin olive oil. The pizza slicer is one of two in the world, priced at over $1,000 USD – definitely a Mandarin Oriental experience. With any of the pizzas, you can also request to have it topped with prosciutto or any available charcuterie
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
The simplest pizzas make the best pizzas as it allows the few high-quality ingredients to shine. Here, the sweet cherry tomatoes along with the non-acidic tomato sauce steal the show. And, then, of course, the crunchy bite of the crust makes for a perfect ending to the slice
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar Pizzino
Pizzino with mascarpone, black olives, and truffle essence. Rome’s signature pizza sandwich. If you want something even more filling, try the classic trapizzino. Here it is filled with cheeses and topped with green onions and truffle oil
Pizzino Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Pizza Bar
The pizzino is made with the exact same dough as the pizzas and this is a common food item found in Rome and brought to the Pizza Bar by the Italian master chef. Buon Appetito!


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Address & Hours

The Pizza Bar on 38th
Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo
2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo, Tokyo
Monday to Friday, 11:30am to 2:30pm and 5:30pm to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday, 12pm to 2:30pm and 5:30pm to 10pm
Reservations Only

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