A Cool Wine Bar with a Food & Wine Pairing Focus

In the Russian Hill district of San Francisco, Union Larder treats wine lovers with a fun, relaxed wine bar with a focus on food and wine pairing. Don’t come here expecting a big meal – it is all about tasting a variety of cheese, charcuterie, and small plates that pair with the wine.

The best part of eating and drinking at Union Larder is that it treats you to the social and communal enjoyment of drinking and dining. Sip on your wine and share the food and tastes together.

Food & Wine Pairing

When it comes to drinking wine, the flavors of wine optimize and beautifully evolve with it is paired with food. At Union Larder, you can pair you glass(es) or bottle of wine with cheese and charcuterie from around the world or with cold and hot small plates that really bring the wines to life.

Union Larder San Francisco Uni Pate
Uni Pate. Sea urchin pate with maldon salt and peach mostarda. A highlight of the menu and a must-order for uni and pate lovers. Spread it on the toast and wait for the beautifully harmony of flavors to melt on your palate
Union Larder San Francisco
Cheese plate. Ask your server for the cheese list, or even talk with the in-house cheese monger for recommendations of which of the 60 kinds of cheese will pair perfectly with your preferences, wines, and other orders


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Union Larder
1945 Hyde St., San Francisco
Tuesday and Wednesday, 5pm to 10:30pm
Thursday, 4pm to 10:30pm
Friday and Saturday, 12pm to 10:30pm
Sunday, 5pm to 9pm
Closed Mondays
No Reservations, Walk-Ins Only


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