Discover Suluban Cave – a hidden gem known to surfers

If you venture out to southern Bali, you must include Uluwatu in your itinerary. Uluwatu is best known as one of the world’s best beaches for surfers. You will find an incredible hidden cave beach that is the starting and end point to catch some of the toughest waves. Best of all, you don’t have to be a surfer, or even know how to swim, to find the cave. Here’s how to get to Suluban Cave:

Where to get dropped off

Suluban Beach and Suluban Cave can only be accessed by foot. Therefore, you will have to get dropped off in another location. Whether you hire an Uber, Grab, taxi or private car, the best place to get dropped off and picked up is near Single Fin. You can get dropped off nearby, but you will have to walk closer to the parking lot to get picked up at the end of your adventure.


Walking down the jagged steps

After walking by the parking lot of scooters, you will find the entrance to Single Fin on the right. Walk to the left of the entrance down the stairs. Continue down the uneven, steep steps (you’ll likely follow a line of people heading to the same destination). Keep walking down and when you arrive at a T, turn left and continue walking down the stairs. At this point, you’ll probably walk by surfers running up and down the stairs like pros.

You will then find the last set of steps to the hidden cave beach. The steps to the left have no railing. The steps to the right have a proper rail on one side. The choice is yours (I went right).

The steps to the cave beach. You can see the two sets of step with and without the rail. Every step from start to finish is steep. The effort down and back up is well worth it once you see the sight of the cave, the beach, and the waves


What to expect

  • –  When you get there, expect surfers and tourists with cameras. If it’s the weekend, the tourists will outnumber the surfers.
    –  You’ll likely get your feet wet exploring the areas of the cave and the hidden entrances to the beach and open waters.
    –  During high tides, the beach and cave access may be closed.
Welcome to surfers’ paradise. If you stay for a while to enjoy the views and the sound of the waves, you will watch surfers come in and out of the water. Suluban Beach and Suluban Cave offers some amazing photo opportunities at any given moment
Sunday afternoon in the cave. Weekends in Uluwatu are particularly crowded with tourists. Expect to find a mass of non-surfers down there taking photos all over the place. While the crowd helps to find the hidden beach, it also makes it difficult to capture more natural photos of the cave
A hidden cave within the hidden cave. If you venture around the cave, you will find other nooks and crannies leading to more cave areas and more beach access. Here is a surfer waiting for his moment to swim out to the waves


Reward yourself with a drink

When you arrive at Suluban Cave, the reward for walking down the steep steps are the picturesque views. When you climb back up all those uneven, steep steps, find your reward in the form of a cold drink at Single Fin

Single Fin is the place to be, especially if you are in your 20s. A Sunday during summer at Single Fin is like a tropical Coachella-like setting. Everyone is there for chill, trendy, vibes doused with cold cocktails and cold beers. Plus, it is an amazing spot to catch the sunset


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