Packing with Travel Cubes


Travel Tips: Efficient Packing

I love efficiency. Efficiency in the workplace, in service and hospitality, and at home with personal organization.

As a frequent traveler, I strive to find ways to make packing easier. Let’s be real, though: Packing and outfit planning never gets truly easy. But, it can get easier with efficiency.


How I Used to Pack

Before I embraced cleanliness, neatness, and organization, I could clutter and mess up a room with the best of them. The contents of my luggage closely mirrored the clothes tossed around the room.

While I was in school, my family would take long summer trips to New York City and Western Europe. My large suitcase would be filled with somewhat-folded clothes and underwear to fill the gaps.

When we arrived at our first destination, my clothes were already tossed around within the suitcase from transit. Each day would get messier and messier until the last day with the luggage overflowing and ready to be taken home to have the contents washed.


How I Pack Today

And then, I embraced cleanliness, neatness, and organization. Let me tell you, it completely makes life easier and less stressful. You can make the most use of your time, and you will rarely lose anything.

These days, my packing has become exponentially easier thanks to the efficiency of travel cubes.

Travel cubes come in several sizes for your personal packing preferences. The cubes can organize your underwear, sleeping clothes, workout clothes, pants, tops, dresses, and so on. You can even organize the cubes according to your pre-planned daily outfits.

Not only do the travel cubes organize your clothes and belongings, they also create extra space in your luggage because of its efficiency. This way you can add an extra pair of shoes and, even better, have more room to shop.


Travel Cube Recommendations

There are so many brands on the market for travel cubes. While I have not tried them all, I am brand loyal to Muji and Eagle Creek.

Muji is a lifestyle store from Japan. The stores offer almost everything you need from stationery to household items to apparel. Their travel cubes, also known as garment bags, fold into tiny sacks and are made of nylon, which can be wiped after each trip.

Eagle Creek travel cubes are made of a sturdier material resulting in a long-lasting product that has body and protection within the suitcase. Their product line consists of varying colors and sizes. While it can be overwhelming to choose, you will find that each size has a purpose.

If you are new to travel cubes, I highly recommend a set which includes a few sizes, and then see which sizes work best for you. Yes, you will want more because it really makes packing and traveling so much easier.

Starter Set, 3pc Set

Cube Set, 3pc Set

Medium Garment Folder

Clean Dirty Medium Cube

Double Large Cube

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Foodicles Travel Cubes 1
The packing process begins. First, I take out all my clothes I will want to bring. Then, I sort through my selections and eliminate the extra clothes that will unnecessarily take up luggage space
Foodicles Travel Cubes 2
Next, I bring out my suitcases. For trips less than one week, I prefer to take my smaller luggage for ease of portability. For trips over a week, I can’t help but bring my larger luggage. Extra travel tip: bring a foldable duffel bag which you can expand at your destination. You can fill that bag with dirty clothes to make room for shopping and gifts to pack in your luggage
Foodicles Travel Cubes 3
How I used to pack. Clothes sloppily folded and piled into the bag. Unfortunately, with this old method, my smaller luggage cannot pack all that I need for a 5-day beach trip. The clothes will be too compressed in the bag and I do not have room for toiletries and shoes
Foodicles Travel Cubes 4
So I am forced to use my larger luggage, which I prefer to use on trips over a week. While there is more room for toiletries and shoes, there is also more room for movement in the luggage, which will result in the next picture
Foodicles Travel Cubes 5
This. A messy luggage upon arrival. My old method of packing tossed my clothes all around the luggage and took up more space than necessary. My clothes are crumpled and sloppy and all my belongings become a jumbled mess
Foodicles Travel Cubes 6
Enter, Eagle Creek travel cubes. After using one or two, you will realize the usefulness and efficiency of the travel cubes and will want to have more sizes to solve all your travel needs
Foodicles Travel Cubes 7
Large cubes are perfect for men’s shirts, blouses, and pants. These cubes easily have room for over a week’s worth of shirts and tops. Whether you fold or roll your clothes, the cubes efficiently organize your clothes for your entire trip
Foodicles Travel Cubes 8
Medium cubes accommodate blouses, T-shirts, sleeping clothes, and workout outfits. These packs are also great for organizing your day to day outfits. You can pack days one through three in one pack, days four through six in the next pack, and so forth
Foodicles Travel Cubes 9
Smaller cubes are ideal for underwear and swimwear. This saves the embarrassment of opening your luggage to your underwear thrown everywhere. It also makes it easier to access a specific item from your suitcase
Foodicles Travel Cubes 10
And even smaller cubes organize your little items, such as medicines, wires, etc. You will never have to worry about little items getting lost within your clothes. These packs are also great for books, electronics, jewelry, etc.
Foodicles Travel Cubes 11
Travel cubes are great for your luggage and also excellent for your hand-carry bags. With this cube, you can pack things you will need in-flight and simply take it out without having to rummage through your entire hand-carry
Foodicles Travel Cubes 12
Muji garment bags come in three sizes and various colors. They are made of a lighter material which can be folded into little sacks. They are perfect if you want to bring extra travel cubes on your trip
Foodicles Travel Cubes 13
Another extra travel tip: Collect your business class long-haul toiletry kits. These complimentary bags are so perfect for toiletries or little electronics for future trips
Foodicles Travel Cubes 14
Efficiently packed. With the travel cubes, the air compresses out and creates more space in your luggage. Now, you can bring extra shoes or save this space for shopping and souvenirs
Foodicles Travel Cubes 15
You can now even use your smaller luggage now and still have room for your toiletries and shoes


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I really love travel cubes from Muji and Eagle Creek, and I wanted to share my travel finds with you.

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