Progress on my Tokyo Station Ramen Street Goals

Another trip to Tokyo means progress on my Tokyo Station Ramen Street goals. As of last year, I tried 4 of the 8 ramen shops; however one of them has closed. So that leaves me with 5 more Ramen Street shops to taste…

Tokyo Station Ramen Street Directory
More English-friendly signages in Ramen Street at Tokyo Station. The directory includes multi-lingual descriptions of each ramen shops and its specialty. There is also a detailed explanation of how the vending machine payment work and the proper etiquette for lining up and ordering


Recap on my Tokyo Station Ramen Street Goals

If you haven’t already, read my first post on my Travel Goals: Ramen Street at Tokyo Station. I detail the 4 bowls of ramen I have slurped up so far.

Current Update on my Tokyo Station Ramen Street Goals

Progress with this travel goal has been slow because of the overwhelming choices of eateries in Tokyo. There is something amazing to eat at almost every step and every corner.

From my most recent spring trip, I tasted and checked off 2 more ramen shops. Now I have tried 5 of the 8, leaving me with 3 more to taste on my next trip.

Tokyo Station Ramen Street Ikaruga
Ikaruga. The ramen shop represents Tokyo with its broth that blends meat and seafood for a rich tasting experience with deliciously al dente noodles. The ramen resembles the richness of tonkotsu for a hearty, satisfying bowl
Tokyo Station Ramen Street Nippon
Soranoiro-NIPPON. A Bib Gourmand by Michelin Guide Tokyo 2015 winner. The ramen include vegan bowls, shoyu based, and shio based ramens. Even the basic salt broth delivers a punch of deep flavors. The noodles are al dente with a perfect egg to round out the dish


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