Taking the Airport Limousine Bus to Transit between Narita & Haneda Airports.

Tokyo has two major international and domestic airports, Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. If you booked a flight arrives and departs at each airport, the Airport Limousine Bus is the easiest and most convenient way for transit.


Taking the Airport Limousine Bus

The Airport Limousine Bus takes travelers not only to and from Tokyo but also between Narita and Haneda airports for 3,100 yen (discounted for children and seniors with ID).

The journey takes less than 1 hour and 20 minutes. Once the bus makes its stops within the airport, it heads directly to the other airport and makes stops at the main terminals.

From your exit into the Arrivals Hall, look for the orange Airport Limousine ticket counter to purchase your tickets. From there, you will simply take the closest exit right out to your designated bus stop number. The staff at the kiosk will then assist you with your luggage and when to board your bus.

Insider Tips

Make sure you have at least a 3-hour layover to ensure enough time for everything. This factors in immigration and baggage wait times at your arrival airport as well as check-in and security wait times at your departure airport. If you think your flight may be delayed upon arrival, or it is a busy travel season with longer security lines, then account for a longer layover time, such as at least 4 hours.

Check that your passport allows visa-free entry into Japan or that you have the appropriate visa to enter the country, such as a multiple entry tourist visa.

When you initially check in your luggage for your flight to Japan, make sure the luggages are tagged at your arrival airport so that you can collect your baggage and bring it with you on the bus.

On your flight into Japan, you will receive arrival and customs forms. For hotel address, simply write “Transit to Haneda (or Narita) Airport”. You may leave the telephone line blank.

Bus stop at Narita International Airport. The staff at these stops are able to speak English and assist you with your luggage and when to board the bus. Note that in Japan, all forms of transportation are punctual. Do not be even a minute late for this bus.


If you have a tendency to get car sick, it is best to try to get a front row in the bus to be able to see forward during the ride. Plus, this way you get to enjoy the views along the drive, especially during cherry blossom and autumn leaves seasons.


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