From Local Cuisine to Affordable & High-End International Cuisines

Travelers to Hong Kong have an overwhelming choice of what to eat when visiting the city. There are the local dishes as well as the international cuisines that all standout. Here are my Top 8 things to eat when in Hong Kong:

#8: Pineapple Bun

Also known as “bo lo bao”, the pineapple bun is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic snacks. The traditional bun has a generous slice of butter inside the warm bread. There are also dim sum restaurants serving it with a sweet, savory bbq pork filling. The best part about the pineapple bun is the crunchy top contrasting against the soft bread bun. Read more about local Hong Kong eats here


#7: Xiao Long Bao

While not traditionally a Cantonese dish, xiao long bao, or steamed pork soup dumpling, has made its way internationally from Shanghai to the world. This is one of the ultimate comfort foods when eating dim sum. You can enjoy quality dumplings at any Crystal Jade or Din Tai Fung locations in Hong Kong. Read more about Crystal Jade here


#6: Bucket of Tofu

You cannot go to Hong Kong without trying several of the signature desserts, including this tofu bucket from Sweet Dynasty. The freshly steamed bucket of tofu is served with a sweet molasses sauce, both of which you scoop at your table. Read more about Hong Kong’s desserts here


#5: Affordable Sushi at Sen-ryo

You may have come to Hong Kong to focus on the local, Chinese dishes. But, save space for the international restaurants as well. Hong Kong has some of the best brands of cuisines in the city, including Sen-ryo sushi which serves affordable and quality sushi on a conveyor belt. Keep in mind, this is far better than your usual conveyor belt sushi place. You can even order high-quality toro, uni, and more. Read more about sushi at Sen-ryo here


#4: Hong Kong Style Dessert at Honeymoon Dessert

After a filling meal or for a snack during the day, one of the best desserts in Hong Kong has the ability to cool you down, refresh your spirits, and satisfy your stomach. Honeymoon Dessert serves classic Hong Kong style cold and hot desserts using Asian fruits, including this mango pomelo and sago sweet soup. Read more about Hong Kong’s desserts here


#3: Anything Lobster at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Ranked as one of the finest restaurants in Hong Kong, you cannot go wrong at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Everything is the menu is excellent, and the lobster and seafood dishes are absolute perfection. I highly recommend creating your own tasting menu with everything seafood. Read more about L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Hong Kong here


#2: British Cuisine

While Chinese food in Hong Kong is an obvious meal, you must also indulge in British pub fare. The long-standing British history and influence in Hong Kong left some of the best of its cuisine in the city. For the best fish & chips and curries, head to The Chinnery at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Read more about The Chinnery here


#1: Peking Duck

You cannot go to Hong Kong without having Peking Duck, and it is best served at Man Wah. Man Wah’s Peking duck stands out in how the expert servers trim off the fat from the perfectly plump and roasted duck. The whole experience is like Chinese-fine dining dinner theater. Read more about Man Wah’s Peking duck here


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