Non-stop eating in Tokyo Station


Built in 1941, the Tokyo Station is a landmark for the country’s history with the pre-war architecture. Its renovation in 2012 represents an homage to the past and the city’s modernity through the impressive transportation technology and the bustle of commerce.

And with over half a million people filling the 3,000 plus trains a day, there are enough choices of eateries in the station to satisfy everyone.

The underground world (as I call it because of its magnitude of square meters below Marunouchi – 182,000 square meters to be exact) is locally known as “ekinaka.”  It literally means “middle of the station” and refers to the commercial outlets in the train station.

Tokyo Station’s ekinaka is truly amazing.

There are restaurants, food halls, food stalls, the famous Daimaru department store, and “streets” dedicated to food – like Kitchen Street and, my favorite, Ramen Street.

Foodicles Tokyo Station 1
Tokyo Station
Foodicles Tokyo Station 2
Otoro Sushi at Standing Sushi Bar
Foodicles Tokyo Station 3
Rokurinsha Tsukemen
Foodicles Tokyo Station 4
Menya Shichisai Handmade Noodles
Foodicles Tokyo Station 5
Oreshiki Jun Tonkotsu Ramen
Foodicles Tokyo Station 6
Hirugao Shio Ramen
Foodicles Tokyo Station 7
Gundam Café
Foodicles Tokyo Station 8
Sweet Treats
Foodicles Tokyo Station 9
Bento Boxes. Perfect for eating on the train rides across the country
Foodicles Tokyo Station 10
Eataly. Straight from Italy (and further popularized in the U.S. by Mario Batali and the Bastiniach family). Japanese love and appreciate imported brands, especially from Europe

Next time you are in Tokyo, make a point to spend half a day in Tokyo Station.  You can get lost, physically and with time, and happily spend all day exploring, eating, and drinking.

Tokyo Station
1-9-1 Marunouchi

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