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Food tours allow you to see the city through the knowledge and taste of the locals. Not only do they include food and drink, but also insight into the city’s history, culture, architecture, and local life.


Taste of Porto

Taste of Porto offers a walk through the real Porto with food-loving locals who are passionate about their city. You will end the tour with a greater appreciation for Porto and for Portugal.

The food tour is best taken at the start of your trip to Porto, as you will be given recommendations for eateries for the duration of your stay. Plus, you will definitely be going back to the food stops for more to eat and drink.

The downtown walking tour covers history, cuisine, and local traditions. There is nothing obvious and there are no tourist traps.


What to Expect

Highlights include:
–  A walk through Bolhao Market, which dates back to 1850, to see the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish, meat
–  A pork sandwich that takes over 24 hours to make – meat, bread, and all
–  A tasting of all of Portugal through cheese, cured meats, and wines
–  And, of course, sweets, coffee, and more along the tour


Tours Offered

Downtown Porto Food Tour
Tuesdays to Saturdays
10am, 10:30am, or 4pm
3.- hour walking tour, 3km/1.9miles
59 Euros, inclusive of 6 food and drink stops

Hands-on Cooking Class
Sundays and Thursdays
6pm for 3.5 hours
79 Euros, inclusive of a 3-course meal


Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 1
Let the eating begin! The tour starts with Pasteis de Chaves for warm, flaky pastries of veal and chocolate freshly baked and delivered from northern Portugal each day
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 2
Bolhao Market. Dating back to 1850, this market has it all: fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, flowers, souvenirs, and a restaurant in the middle that can cook the freshest meal possible
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 3
In season. A beauty of colors of the fruits and vegetables at the market
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 4
Bolhao Wine House. Tasting the history of Portugal as explained by our local guide, Sara. Canned sardines, olive oil, a glass of muscatel, and a cheeseless cheese tart
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 5
Flor dos Congregados. A family fun restaurant in its 3rd generation. Located in a small side alley, this establishment proudly serves slow food made with deliberate thought and care for the flavors
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 6
Slow-cooked roast pork with local cured ham in a freshly baked bread. Paired with local sparkling red wine
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 7
Guarany. A café dating back to 1933 as a meeting place for politicians, businessmen, and artists
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 9
Drinking in history. A coffee break halfway through the tour
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 13
Leitaria da Quinta for sweet treats with these lemon and chocolate eclairs. So light and fluffy!
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 14
Walking off the food before the last food stop and taking in the beauty of Porto
Foodicles Taste of Porto Food Tour 15
Taberna do Largo. Tasting the country through its cheeses, cured meats, and wines. A wonderful and relaxed way to end the tour with a tasting from all over Portugal


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Taste of Porto


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