Indian Curries & Amazing Naan at Tamarind.

Japan is not just for Japanese food anymore. Japan excels in international food, including Indian curries! If you find yourself craving Indian food, head to Tokyo’s Ginza Six to dine at Tamarind – the city’s highly rated restaurant for Indian cuisine.


About Indian Cuisine in Japan

Japan, and especially Tokyo, has become a food destination for international flavors, many of which actually taste better in Japan than in its country of origin. Aside from French and Italian cuisines, Indian cuisine is widely popular among locals because of their love of curries.

Curry was originally introduced to Japan in the 19th century during the period of international trade by the British who were colonizing India at the time. Today, Japanese curry, which was more influence of lighter and sweeter British Indian flavors rather than traditional Indian, is one of the most popular local comfort foods. At the same time, Indian curry restaurants can be readily found throughout the country.

Read more about the history of curry in Japan and Japanese curry: Japanese Curry – History of the Ultimate Comfort Food


About Tamarind in Ginza Six

Tamarind in Ginza Six is located on the 6th floor among the department store’s other featured restaurants and gourmet food hall. The restaurant proudly serves Northern and Southern Indian dishes including curries, tandoori, and regional breads.

Reflective of Ginza Six’s high-end design, Tamarind is also high-quality yet unpretentious in its design and with their friendly service. Plus, the curries, tandoori, and breads, which are cooked by well-trained Indian chefs who came from five-star hotels, all taste not only authentic but also made from quality ingredients.

If you want a variety, there are set meals for lunch with lunch prices ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 yen. For dinner, the portions are bigger ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 yen per person for a complete. This is a great place to fulfill your Indian cravings and for a meal any time of the day.

Food Photos from Tamarind

Crab Butter Masala. A popular appetizer featuring four meaty crab claws sitting in a flavorful scoop of butter masala. This appetizer is hearty enough to be a main dish because of the quantity of the sauce which can be eaten with the Indian breads.
Plain Butter Naan. The menu offers plain butter naan or garlic naan, as well as other breads from different northern and southern regions in Indian. This naan is a MUST order as it is incredibly fluffy and so tasty even when it cools down.
Small Tandoori Plate. This small is filling enough to share with the table. The tandoori plate features a variety of grilled chickens, paneer, and vegetables from the restaurant’s special tandoori grill.


Address & Hours

6F Ginza Six
6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
11am to 10pm

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