Easy & Practical Ways to Maintain a Balanced Travel Lifestyle

Packing gym clothes add to the bulk of your luggage. Plus, it takes up precious time during your trip when you can be out exploring.

You can still balance your trip with a healthy travel lifestyle so you don’t come home feeling too guilty. Here are 5 ways to stay in shape while traveling without going to the gym:

Count Your Daily Steps

Counting steps have become a popular accessory to your everyday life. Whether you have a step counter or rely on your smartphone (on the iPhone it is in your Health app), you can easily count your 10,000 daily recommended steps. You can accomplish this requirement by exploring your destination by foot or even with all those steps you take while shopping.


Take Public Transportation

With subways and trains, you have to walk more to get to your destination making it easy to add to your daily steps. Often you must take multiple commuter lines to arrive at your final destination. Plus, this is a great way to explore the city like a local and even stumble across hidden gems of stores and restaurants.


Plan an Outdoor Adventures

If you love the outdoors, plan a walk through the local park or a day trip to a popular hiking spot. You get the opportunity to discover the region’s natural beauty while sweating out some of your mealtime indulgences (or to burn some calories before a big meal).


Eat Local Fruits and Vegetables

Eating more to stay in shape? Yes and no. Eat more fiber from local fruits and vegetables during mealtimes and even for a snack. Consuming these local flavors and textures will fill you up in place of unhealthier foods that may tempt you otherwise. Plus, all that fiber will help you with your bowel movement which tends to back up on some travels.


Drink Your Daily Water Quota

A person’s daily water quote is their weight in pounds divided by 2, and that number is how many ounces he or she must consume in a day. If your hotel does not provide complimentary bottled water, head to the local supermarket or convenience store to stock up on water. Consuming your quote of water helps you properly stay hydrated throughout the day, aids your bowel movement, and can actually help you eat less as moderation is the true key to staying in shape at home and while traveling.


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