Sri Lanka’s Southern Beaches

Sri Lanka’s beaches fill the country’s coastline with the most beautiful shores along the south. With all the options of where to go, the beaches near Galle are the most accessible and the most popular for travelers.

Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The golden sands are filled with European travelers tanning and sweating under the sweltering hot sun. Why visit this crowded beach? The deeply tanned, golden sand and turquoise clear waters are worth the photo opportunity as kind of sand is unlike any other.

Capturing the beauty of this touristy beach. The hot sand cools where the water washes over the shores. Locals and tourists alike fill the beach throughout the days to relax under the sun and play on the sand
Even the sand gets a tan here. In the background, you can see the numerous umbrellas and people fill the beach. While crowded, you can still capture picturesque moments and enjoy a pleasant walk on the beach


Koggala Beach

Just 20 minutes away from Unawatuna Beach is Koggala Beach, one of the longest beaches in Sri Lanka. The short drive takes you away from the crowds of tourists onto a more secluded soft, sandy beach.

The long strip of Koggala Beach contains rocky shores, shallow swimming areas, and soft sands along the southern coast. The beach is mostly filled with locals in the water and under umbrellas. Occasionally, buses will stop for photo opportunities with the fishermen on stilts


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