Breakfast is the Best Start to Your Day in the Philippines

Breakfast is one of the key meals, not only for your energy source for the day, but also to learn about local living and culture. In the Philippines, breakfast shows the culture’s love of rice and its presence in every meal. Find out more about silogs, the country’s national breakfast:

What is a Silog?

Silog comes from the combination of two Filipino words: sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (egg). Together with a protein, the dish is called a silog.

Culturally, the dish shows the emphasis on the country’s love of rice. Garlic rice is typically made from the leftover white rice from the night before and the egg is usually served sunny-side up. As for the protein, it can be a local meat, seafood or anything else you crave for your customized silog.

A typical slog in the Philippines often served at resorts for breakfast. Garlic rice with two fried eggs, pork tocino (sweet, savory cured pork), and local pickles. Breakfast is certainly a meal that will fill you up for the whole morning and every through the early afternoon


Variations of Silogs

Proteins to complete your silog include:
Tocino: sweet, savory cured pork; known as tocilog
Tapa: cured beef; known as tapsilog
Longanisa: local cured sausages; known as longsilog
Bangus: fried milkfish; known as bangsilog

And even other variations, such as:
Corned beef, known as cornsilog
Fried chicken, known as chicksilog


Tasting Tips

Aside from the protein, garlic fried rice, and egg, it is best to pair your dish with pickles and vinegar (which can even be spicy vinegar). These components added a kick to brighten each bite with its contrast that cuts the fats of the protein and egg.

As for the egg, that is best fried and served directly on the rice so that the yolk moistens the fried rice for a creamier, silkier bite.

To balance the meal and to add fiber, conclude the meal with local mangoes and other local fruits. Enjoy!


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