A day trip for history buffs and food lovers

Just half an hour by high speed train or one hour by car, Segovia is the perfect day trip from Madrid for both history and food enthusiasts alike.

The World Heritage City housed the royal residence in the 15th century during the reign of Queen Isabella I. Her residence in the Alcázar, which was built as an Arab fort in around the 12th century, later inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

For a truly awe-inspiring sight to see, the Acueducto is massively impressive. Built in the 1st, the enormous aqueduct welcomes visitors into the historical town. With over 20,000 blocks of granite, the structure is 862 meters long, 28 meters high, and has 163 arches. Incredible.


Cochinillo in Segovia, Spain

Want to be even more impressed? Feast on Segovia’s specialty cochinillo – roasted suckling pig so tender and crispy it is cut with the edge of a plate.

While there are numerous restaurants specializing in cochinillo asado, two stand out among the pack.


Mesón de Cándido

Mesón de Cándido offers the best views of the aqueduct whether you are dining inside or outside. The restaurant has become known as a celebrity destination and puts on a smashing show every time a cochinillo is cut with a plate – plate smashing show to be more specific.


Restaurante José María

Further in town, in a more unassuming location, Restaurante José María is a well-lit Spanish tavern that does not offer the same flair as Méson de Cándido. It does offer, however, amazingly, light, crispy, clean, tender, moist, juicy, roasted cochinillo.

Food insiders have tagged Restaurante José María to be the best in town. Who needs the view when all you want to do is focus in on the amazing plate of meat in front of you?

(At Restaurante José María you can even reserve via WhatsApp, and they respond quickly. I was able to land a last minute reservation for lunch on the same day I send the text. The numbers to reserve are below)


Segovia’s famous Acueducto built in the 1st century. The aqueduct spans 862 meters long
Immensely impressive from all angles. From the top to the bottom in its height of 28 meters, the massive structure is awe-inspiring
Stepping back for more views of the aqueduct and its 163 arches. What an incredible feat to engineer
The massive blocks and structure. Far away and close up, the aqueduct continues to impress. And especially when you compare the structure to the height of a human
The walls surrounding the historical old town. Wear your walking shoes to explore the town from the aqueduct and inward toward the Plaza Mayor
Foodicles Segovia 6
Plaza Mayor with the gothic Cathedral in the backdrop. The cathedral started construction in 1525 and took 200 years to complete
Foodicles Segovia 7
Teatro Juan Bravo, the town’s cultural performance venue. Every street and every turn is a delight for architecture admirers
Mesón de Cándido, located next to the Acueducto. The restaurant is known for having the best views of the aqueduct
A portion of their famous cochinillo. The roasted suckling pig is ceremonious chopped in front of you for the dining room of guests, and then it is portioned out for family style dining.
And for an extra splurge, the roast lamb leg is excellent. Clean, light, and not game-y at all. The Spanish lamb is a standout
Foodicles Segovia 12
Restaurante José María, further in town near the cathedral in an unassuming location among other restaurants
Foodicles Segovia 13
House wine grown in Ribera del Duero. Affordable and excellently paired with the cochinillo
Foodicles Segovia 14
Pate to start the meal. Comes with the “bread service” which makes paying a couple euros per person worth it. And a good use of the liver from the cochinillo
Foodicles Segovia 15
Cochinillo portioned for one person – one person with a massive appetite
Foodicles Segovia 16
Grilled seasonal, local vegetables to balance the meal
Foodicles Segovia 17
And of course there is always room for dessert. Tarta de Manzana Reineta “Templada” con Helado de Vainilla. Apple tart with vanilla ice cream
Foodicles Segovia 18
Tarta Ponche con crema de vainilla y helado. Segovia’s signature dessert. Cake with custard and topped with marzipan


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Mesón de Cándido
Plaza Azoguejo 5
Segovia, Spain
Sunday to Saturday, 1pm to 4:30pm and 8pm to 11pm

Restaurante José María
Calle Cronista Lecea 11
Segovia, Spain
Monday to Friday, 9am to 1am
Saturday to Sunday, 10am to 2am
+34-639-810-558, WhatsApp


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