Day and Night – Hanami in Tokyo

The best travel moments come unexpected.

When travelers journey to Japan for cherry blossom season, their itineraries include popular parks and landmarks with the most famous sights for sakura.

Venture away from that itinerary and wander with the locals. A local city street in the former financial district, tree-lined universities, and every day school parks.


Sakura-Dori, Tokyo

In the former financial district of Tokyo, lies a street named after cherry blossoms. Sakura-dori stands between the Tokyo Station and the heart of Nihonbashi in Chuo-ku. Over 170 trees fill both sides of the small street. When sakura season begins, the street closes to vehicles on one weekend to celebrate the beauty of the flowering tree.

During the day family-filled activities and festivities share the scene with the cherry blossoms. At night, music fills the air as the perfectly lit sakura trees shine against the evening sky for the most beautiful night out in Tokyo.

Sakura Dori Tokyo
Cross the street from Tokyo Station, on the north side across from Daimaru. From the start of Sakura-dori the depth and the illuminating sakura flowers is truly incredible and amazingly awesome
Sakura Dori Tokyo
A tunnel of cherry blossoms. This is a must-see destinations in Tokyo at night. Locals on a Friday night happily filled the street to take photos and admire the beauty of the flowering trees along the entire street
Sakura Dori Tokyo
Perfectly lit from the surrounding businesses and from lights below. The sakura flowers illuminate at night – it is even better than viewing it during the day time as this contrast and glow create a magical mood
During the one weekend’s festivities in April, the street remains closed during the day for family-oriented activities, such as this rugby obstacle course for both adults and children. Food vendors also offer snacks and treats


Sophia University, Tokyo

Sophia University ranks as one of Japan’s top private universities. As such, the campus maintains its surroundings and landscaping, including lining the streets with incredibly lush sakura trees.

The Jesuit university is also my dad’s alma mater; thus, a destination I visit each time I travel to Tokyo to attend mass services. If you are Catholic, you must attend mass here at St. Ignatius church on campus. Hands down, the best tasting communion wafer in the world.

Sophia University, located next to the Yotsuya station in Chiyoda-ku. This is the entrance way from the station and to go to church. These gorgeous cherry blossom trees line the campus along the river
At night, the lights below the trees amazingly create an even more beautiful effect. Sakura viewing at night some how makes the experience even more unforgettable. The lush clusters and the white and pink flowering leaves proudly shine against the darkening skies


School Parks in Osaka

Sakura trees are not limited to popular parks, special local streets, or private universities. Even every day school parks and every day side trees are blessed with the beauty of the spring season.

Gorgeously lush cherry blossom trees fill a school park and a local neighborhood in Osaka. Just driving along the city, and you can turn into a street to find this amazing park. Pull over, take photos, and enjoy the season
This simple park is filled with the perfect amount of trees for a 360 degree admiration of the sakura. As each day in cherry blossom season goes by, the sakura flowers fall more and more. Then, you will start to see the green leaves of the tree forming
This 2017 cherry blossom season started later than expected. As of the middle of the month, there is still time to see the beauty of the country’s cherry blossoms. Sakura trees further up north in Hokkaido wait until May to bloom


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