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Tourism in Thailand offers visitors the chance to learn about Thai cuisine from locals’ homes, cooking schools, and hotel kitchens. Experience the best cooking school in Bangkok at The Oriental Thai Cooking School at the Mandarin Oriental – it will leave you wanting to come back again and again.

About The Oriental Thai Cooking School

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Revisiting The Oriental Thai Cooking School

The Oriental Thai Cooking School presents a different menu each day of the week with classes held daily and with market visits preceding the weekend morning classes. On top of that, the school changes the lessons every quarter of the year. This encourages students to come back for more each time they visit Bangkok.

Every class starts with a small plate of welcome sweets (as well as water and your choice of tea). Chef Nahrain explains the base ingredients of each of the sweets and provides the various English names of the local ingredients
Appetizer: Miang Kham. You will learn four dishes during your cooking class. The first is always an appetizer or two, then a main dish or two, and finally a dessert. Some dishes are classic Thai dishes known all around the world, while others are more local to learn when in Thailand
Main Dish: Khao Soi Gai. One of my favorite dishes in Thai cuisine which originates from northern Thailand near Chiang Mai. This is a chicken curry with soft and fried noodles. During the demonstration and hands-on session, you will learn the techniques to perfect the dish
Dessert: Longan Sticky Rice. Similar to the famous Mango Sticky Rice. This dessert incorporates a seasonal fruit, the longan. Chef Nahrain explains the fruit and how to properly cook all the ingredients to create this light dessert


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Address & Information

The Oriental Thai Cooking School
Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok
48 Oriental Avenue
+66-2-659-9000 ext. 7330

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