B-Mobile versus IIJmio

Staying connected while traveling is a necessity for convenience and safety while abroad. In Japan, talk and text plans are rare and expensive; however, data-only SIM cards are readily available for tourists. Here is a comparison of 2 tops brands of pre-paid data SIM cards in Japan:

B-Mobile: Pros & Cons

–  5GB for 21 days
–  3,500 yen ($30 USD)
–  3G/4G coverage
–  Max speed of 225 Mbps with no daily limit

–  Largest and oldest travel SIM card company proving its reliability
–  Generous GB allowance for the price paid
–  English support
–  Convenient online with free delivery to hotel (as well as purchasing in major retails shops, such as BIC or Yodobashi)

–  Slower speeds compared to its competitors
–  Planning ahead to purchase your SIM card online 3 days prior to your arrival in Japan

For more information, check out their website


IIJmio: Pros & Cons

–  1GB for 30 days
–  2,700 yen ($25 USD)
–  3G/4G coverage
–  Max speed of 300 Mbps with no daily limit

–  Price is less than other SIM cards
–  Brastel Card top up card to make and receive calls via its app (like Skype)
–  English support
–  Souvenir origami and appealing packaging
–  Availability in more retail shops around the country such as BIC, Yodobashi, New Days, Family Mart, and various kiosks around the country and in airports)

–  Register passport information online
–  Must physically spend time to find the SIM card in retail shops

For more information, check out their website


The Verdict

The convenience of online purchasing and free delivery to your hotel makes B-Mobile the clear winner. It is a hassle to spend time looking for a SIM card in a new country. Having it at your hotel upon check-in is worth those extra few dollars. You do not waste time during your trip and you can immediately use your data as soon as you arrive in your hotel.

Purchase your B-Mobile SIM card at least 3 days ahead of your arrival. Once you receive your SIM card, follow the setup instructions to register the APN settings. And then, enjoy Japan!

Convenience of online shopping, free delivery to your hotel, and ease of registration without providing personal passport information makes B-Mobile the clear winner versus IIJmio. While you pay a little more and have slightly slower speeds, you receive more GB while you can use as soon as you arrive in your hotel


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