Japanese Restoration and Refinement


Tokyo is the quintessential Asian city for non-stop action. Japanese innovation is constant and ever-changing. The country draws in tourists to always come back for more.

As such, the hotel industry strives to remain on top of the ever-growing competition.

The culture’s momentum for perpetual progress can be found in the legacy of the Palace Hotel Tokyo.

The iconic 1960s hotel stands in the “heart of Tokyo” as it overlooks the Imperial Palace and Gardens. In 2012, the Japanese owned and operated establishment reopened after a complete rebuild and restoration.


The Hotel Today in Marunouchi

Today, the hotel rivals the competition in the luxury hotel industry in large part because of their sophisticated Japanese hospitality.

Equally, the location in Marunouchi and the direct access to Tokyo Station cannot get any better. Rain, snow, or the heat can all be avoided with the hotel’s passage through the Marunouchi’s Underground, which has convenient subway stops and amazing restaurants at every corner.

Foodicles Palace Hotel Tokyo 1
Panoramic View. The Imperial Garden surroundings provide guests with tranquility amidst the crowds
Foodicles Palace Hotel Tokyo 2
Balcony Setting. Guests can enjoy breakfast, a midday break, or an evening nightcap in this peaceful setting
Foodicles Palace Hotel Tokyo 3
Deluxe Room with a King Bed. Spacious rooms are a true rarity in Japan. This square footage affords absolute luxury
Foodicles Palace Hotel Tokyo 4
Deluxe Room with Double Beds. Simple, elegant, and contemporary. The modern Japanese interior adds to the peaceful ambiance in the rooms
Foodicles Palace Hotel Tokyo 5
Bathrooms. I love it when hotel bathrooms have separate showers and toilet spaces. That is my luxury
Foodicles Palace Hotel Tokyo 6
Breakfast conveniences. There is a 7-11 in the basement of the hotel where you can pick up a quick, healthy breakfast (and end of night beers)


The hotel’s age is admittedly starting to get noticeable (for the nitpicking eyes) in the details of its maintenance.  Nonetheless, the location, conveniences, and competitive rates are incredibly ideal.


Palace Hotel Tokyo
1-1-1- Marunouchi
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