A Destination for Food Lovers


Like all train stations in Japan, Osaka Station is full of options for snacks and meals for all cravings.

The railway station first opened in 1874. The completed renovation in 2011 exhibited modernity in its architecture and design.

With two major department stores and a commercial complex next door, the station is a destination for food lovers.

Isetan and Daimaru each have their massive food halls in the basement floors, as well as prime restaurant choices on the top floors.

A short walk over is Grand Front Osaka. GFO is a multi-building destination for shopping and dining. It is also home to the Intercontinental Hotel Osaka.

Foodicles Osaka Station 1
The station’s renovation in 2011 made way for high ceilings to give a sense of open air amidst the herds of commuters.
Foodicles Osaka Station 2
Winter is the season of lights throughout the country which make the cold days more cheery.
Foodicles Osaka Station 3
Rice and Fish with Pickles
Foodicles Osaka Station 4
Assortment of Sushi
Foodicles Osaka Station 5
Katsu Sando
Foodicles Osaka Station 6
Floor plan of one food floor in Daimaru
Foodicles Osaka Station 7
The best pizza I have had thus far at Echi Ponte Vecchio. Better than Italy and the U.S. Japan has perfected Italian and French cuisines.
Foodicles Osaka Station 8
The short walk to Grand Front Osaka
Foodicles Osaka Station 9
Multi-level shopping, dining, entertainment, and lifestyle complex
Foodicles Osaka Station 10
Okonomiyaki, monjayaki, yakisoba, and more in Momojuu
Foodicles Osaka Station 11
Unagi set at Bincho. I never knew unagi could be this amazing. Light, crispy, tender, succulent.
Foodicles Osaka Station 12
Quality sushi at affordable prices. Look at the presentation of this amaebi three ways at Kantarou.

Like Tokyo Station, Osaka Station is not just for commuters but for food enthusiasts as well.

Osaka Station

Intercontinental Osaka
3-60 Ofuka-cho
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