Osaka’s Pride at the Osaka Central Fish Market

When the Osaka Central Fish Market first opened in 1931, it debuted as the largest wholesale market in Asia. While most of the fame for fish markets goes to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, Osaka Central Fish Market remains one of the largest in Japan.

Osaka Central Fish Market
The signs to find the fish market are not obvious, but you will know you have arrived when you see the massive trucks in the car park warehouse unloading and loading the day’s catches and sales


Auction at the Osaka Central Fish Market

Bright (but not too bright as it is before sunrise) and early at 4:15 am, the tuna auction begins the day at the Osaka Central Fish Market. Following the tuna, other prized fish are then auctioned off.

Osaka Central Fish Market
After the tuna auction finishes, the fish are transported to the selling space where they are prepared for the auction winners. Items not sold in the auction can be sold to buyers both domestic and international
Osaka Central Fish Market
The sold tuna is fully prepared by the vendor after the auction. The fish is properly cut and separated according to body parts, such as the amazing tuna belly. If you do not see the auction, you can still walk around the selling space
Osaka Central Fish Market
Cut and chilling. The fish is now prepared for the buyer who can pick it up hours after the early morning auction. There are about 180 fish stalls and 80 other stalls selling dried goods, beef, etc


Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Markets

Aside from the fish and seafood sold at the Central Fish Market, you can also purchase wholesale priced fruits and vegetables at the Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Markets. Most of the produce are also sold in early morning auctions.

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Endo Sushi at the Osaka Central Fish Market

Next to the Osaka Central Fish Market lies one of the city’s most famous sushi shops. Endo Sushi is a tiny 20-seater sushi shop that opened in 1907, even before the Central Fish Market.

The morning sushi shop serves omakase, or jyo-maze, with 5 pieces of chef-selected sushi for 1,050 yen (less than $10 USD). From the menu, you can choose from 4 different plates or you can select your favorite sushi and create your own plate.

Endo Sushi Osaka
Plate #1. Five highly premium cuts of fish. You can choose if you want wasabi in the sushi. When it arrives, brush a little soy sauce on top. Miso soup with clams is also available to order for an extra 300 yen
Endo Sushi Osaka
Plate #4. Because one plate is not enough. Endo Sushi is popular with locals and tourists, as they have a special English menu. The hype is real because of the quality of the fish from the early morning catch – it can’t get any fresher


Endo Sushi
1-1-86 Noda Fukushima-Ku, Osaka
Monday to Saturday, 5 am to 2 pm


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