Feasting on an elegant meal in your hotel robe


Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech: In-Villa Dining

Once you check into the suites and villas of Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech, it is difficult to leave the pampered luxury which immediately feels like home.

The resort’s In-Villa Dining service allows guests stay in and relax over a casual, yet refined meal in the comforts of their private retreat.

A designated kitchen and staff for In-Villa Dining prepares a selection of international and Moroccan dishes for a snack or a full meal 24 hours a day.


Setting the Table

When your meal arrives, the staff sets up your table. It is up to you if you want to dine inside or al fresco by your private pool.

The setting comes complete with a white table cloth and a proper placement of silverware which transports you to the splendor of the hotel restaurants.

An elegant meal in your hotel slippers and robes – that is pampered luxury. Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech truly raises the bar for the typical hotel room service experience.

During my two-night stay, I enjoyed the In-Villa Dining experience twice. The first time was to savor the creations from our cooking class experience (read about it here).

It was such a pleasurable meal that I had dinner by the pool again the next night. More on that in my next post, as well as the resort’s wonderful selection of breakfast


Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech In Villa Dining 1
In-Villa Dining. Your outdoor dining table transforms into a luxurious dining experience in the privacy of “your home”. The way you look at room service will forever be changed
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech In Villa Dining 2
The cooking class creations plated! While our salads were not cooked in tagines, they are beautifully presented in them to add visual flavor to the Moroccan dishes
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech In Villa Dining 3
Taktouka, a popular traditional salad of tomatoes and roasted peppers. This salad is actually cooked with spices and then cooled to serve room temperature or chilled
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech In Villa Dining 4
Zaalouk d’aubergines, a common side dish and one of the most basic salads of Moroccan cuisine. The dish consists of tomatoes and roasted eggplants with spices
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech In Villa Dining 5
Our serving station. The side tables around our pool villa made for a perfect buffet table arrangement by the pool. Our meal was paired with a local Moroccan white wine, Domaine de Jirry Chardonnary
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech In Villa Dining 6
The design of the tagine brilliantly creates moisture which drips down the inside slope to create a tender, succulent dish which slowly simmers with patience to infuse all the flavors
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech In Villa Dining 7
Tagine de poulet aux citrons confit et olive du pays is a well-known Moroccan classic. The chicken is cooked in a tagine with citron confit (salt-cured lemons) and finished with the addition of olives. The lemons produce a wonderful complexity of flavors that is fragrant, sweet, savory, and bitter


Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech
Route de Golf Royal, 40 000
Marrakech, Morocco
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