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Dining in Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

While it is difficult to leave the pampered comforts of your room, especially with the In-Villa Dining service (read more about it here), guests can savor more of the resort as Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech offers guests three dining outlets in the property.

The Pool Garden serves international and Mediterranean selections for an al fresco lunch by the main pool surrounded by ponds and landscaped greenery.

Mes’Lalla is the signature restaurant of the hotel. The menu presents traditional Moroccan cuisine with a contemporary twist.

Adjacent to Mes’Lalla is Le Salon Berbère, the resort’s all-day dining restaurant with a relaxed Moroccan setting. In the morning it starts as the breakfast venue, and then it becomes a tea lounge and champagne bar as the day and night progress.


Breakfast at Le Salon Berbère

Inclusive with the room rate is daily breakfast at Le Salon Berbère. A buffet selection of cereals, bread, pastries, delis, cheeses, and salads greet you to start your first meal of the day.

While enjoying your first bites, you can also feast on a made-to-order hot entrée from Western eggs, like frittatas and omelets, to Moroccan breakfast selections, like pancakes and cooked eggs in a tagine.

Breakfast can be feasted on inside the restaurant or outside on the patio to take in the resort’s picturesque morning.


Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 1
More from my In-Villa Dining experience (read about the first experience here). Couscous with vegetables and beef served in a tagine
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 2
Fish cooked in a tagine in a tomato and roasted pepper sauce. The fish retains the moisture and tenderness from the simmering in the tagine. Moroccan cuisine has a complexity of spices and flavors, but it can also be subtle and simple at the same time with its rustic presentation
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 3
Orange salad sweetened with syrup. Thinking this was a savory salad, this sweet chilled dessert is a refreshing way to end an early dinner by the pool
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 4
A sampling of Moroccan pancakes. Breakfast comes with your choice of a hot dish cooked to order, from Western eggs to Moroccan classics. The pancakes included Harcha the small semolina flatbread served with olive oil, Berghir with many holes, and M’smmem square-shaped were plain and filled with dried beef. Aside from olive oil, honey, and homemade Nutella were also served
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 5
Eggs on khlii cooked in a tagine. An egg cooked on top of dried beef and served with cumin. The Moroccan cumin is not as overwhelming and really enhances and deepens the dish
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 6
While waiting for your hot entrée, you can start with the buffet spread. While not incredibly extensive, everything is of high quality. The cereal station comes complete with local dried fruits
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 7
The bread station. All the breads are homemade and can be sliced and toasted to your preference
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 8
Deli station with charcuterie and cheese next to the salad station. The smoked salmon is one of the cleanest tasting I have had compared to other hotels, including other Mandarin Oriental properties
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Dining 9
Pastry station. Like the breads, all the pastries are homemade, and some even change daily. Morocco’s French influence is reflective in their high quality of breads and pastries


Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech
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