Sala Rim Naam and Terrace Rim Naam


The number of Thai restaurants in Bangkok is overwhelming. For the highest quality with extraordinary surroundings, luxury hotels in the capital are the best bet.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok offers traditional and signature Thai dishes in two stunning atmospheres.


Sala Rim Naam

Sala Rim Naam offers one of the finest Thai buffet lunch selections in their northern-style pavilion house. Several serving stations with countless of choices for an afternoon feast.

At night, a set dinner shares the evening with a cultural show featuring royal and traditional folk dances.


Terrace Rim Naam

If you just want to enjoy the city night with excellent eating, Terrace Rim Naam offers a la carte dining al fresco along the Chao Phraya River.

Guests can choose specialties from all over the country. Plus, the menu allows you to get the most variety of tastes by choosing four smaller dishes as one order.

Whether inside with a lunch feast, at night for a culinary and cultural experience, or outside taking in the beauty of the city lights, guests are in for an unforgettable meal at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.


Arriving at Sala Rim Naam and Terrace Rim Naam by boat
Mandarin Oriental Bangkok boat service on the Chao Phraya River
Located across the main hotel. The dock for Sala Rim Naam, Terrace Rim Naam, the Cooking School, as well as the Spa and Fitness Center
Terrace Rim Naam at night. Perfect for al fresco dining to take in the beauty of Bangkok’s city lights along the river
Sala Rim Naam. Perfect for a buffet lunch with a Thai feast, or for the cultural show and set dinner menu
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Sala Rim Naam 6
Buffet lunch stations. Several stations with extensive offerings at lunch
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Sala Rim Naam 7
Chefs and staff happily assist diners with their plates and the meal to learn more about each dish
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Sala Rim Naam 8
Dessert station. Always leave room for dessert
A cold Singha beer to start the evening of outdoor dining
Krueang Jim Ruam. Raw and blanched vegetables, fried fishcakes, deep-fried catfish, and whole fried fish. Paired with dips
Khong Waang Ruam. 4 Assorted Appetizers
Gratong Thong Phaag.  Herbed vegetables in crispy pastry shells
Guay Tiew Hor Goong. Steamed prawns with fresh salad and chili lime sauce wrapped in rice noodles
Peek Gai Mak Khamin Thod. Deep-fried chicken wings marinated in turmeric fish sauce and garlic sauce
Mee Grob. Herbed crispy noodles with minced shrimps and chicken
Yaam Ruam. 4 Assorted Salads
Yaam Som-O. Herbed pomelo salad with coconut cream and deep-fried tofu
Yaam Hua Plee Goong Gub Gai. Spiced banana blossom salad with shrimps and chicken
Naam Tok Hed Cone Luang. Spicy eringi mushroom salad
Yaam Mamuang Gub Poo Nim. Spiced mango salad with friend soft-shell crab
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Sala Rim Naam 15
Gaeng Si-Yang. 4 assorted curries. Round 1
Chuchi Poo Nim Rue Goong Lai Suea. Soft Shell Crab curry with lesser galangal
Gaeng Kua Sabparos Gub Goong. Pineapple and prawn curry
Gaeng Khiew Waan Phag Je. Green vegetable curry
Panaeng Ped Gub Linchee. Creamy red duck curry with lychees
Gaeng Si-Yang. 4 assorted curries. Round 2
Mussamun Nuea. Beef curry with sweet potatoes and shallots
Gaeng Phed Goong Bai Chapu. Prawn curry with betel leaves
Panaeng Ped Gub Linchee. Duck in thick and creamy red curry with lychees
Chuchi Poo Nim. Soft-shell crab with lesser galangal
Foodicles Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Sala Rim Naam 17
A simple scoop of coconut ice cream to end the night


Sala Rim Naam
Buffet Lunch, 12pm to 2:30pm
Set Dinner, 7pm to 10:30pm, Show at 8:15pm
Closed Wednesdays

Terrace Rim Naam
5pm to 10:30pm

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok
48 Oriental Avenue
+66-2-659-9000 ext. 7330
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