An Experience You Can Only Have in Tokyo

When planning your trip to Tokyo, you have to include unique experiences that you can only have when you are in the capital of Japan – like the most incredible Kimono Experience in Tokyo!

About the Kimono Experience in Tokyo

Asakusa is the place where you will find countless tourists dressed in kimonos and roaming the neighborhood for the photo opportunities. While it may seem corny or such a touristy activity, it is popular for a good reason – you’ll come home with the best souvenir photos!

Once you get over the initial embarrassment of being dressed up among normally dressed tourists and attracting lots of looks and stares, you will quickly get in the spirit and enjoy posing for the camera.

The Kimono Experience starts in Yae, a top kimono rental company. The facility is clean, trustworthy, and has a most friendly staff. After choosing your kimono, getting dressed, and having your hair styled, you then stroll around Asakusa taking photos with incredible backgrounds like the Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest temple.

This is an experience that includes ladies, men, and even children.

You can book this Kimono Experience directly with KKday. KKday is a reputable Taiwanese travel company that offers tourists an opportunity to experience local activities. Make your booking in the section below.


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Watch my video from my own Kimono Experience


Photos from my Kimono Experience in Tokyo

Kimono Experience in Tokyo
The first thing in your Kimono Experience – choosing your kimono! It is incredibly overwhelming with all the choices in front of you. Let your eye select your favorite colors and what looks best on you. There are colors and styles to suit every preference
Kimono Experience in Tokyo
After selecting your kimono, you will then choose your accessory purse and sandals. Then, you will head downstairs to the changing area and hair station. Next, you will get layered and tied up with all the kimono necessities
Kimono Experience in Tokyo
Once you are fully dressed in your kimono (in which the process may make you feel like a sushi roll!), it is time to select your hairstyle. Within 20 minutes, you will have incredibly professionally styled hair, complete with a beautiful flower clip
Kimono Experience in Tokyo
Now, you are ready to go out into the city and take the most incredible souvenir photos. It takes a few moments to get used to the wooden slippers and the small steps because of the kimono. Make sure your phones and cameras a fully charged because every moment is worth capturing
Kimono Experience in Tokyo
Asakusa is filled with photo opportunities at every corner and in every block. Keep your eyes open for every detail that you can take a photo with. Here is the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background
Kimono Experience in Tokyo
Asakusa is truly the ideal location for this kimono experience. Majority of your photos can be taken at the Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest temple completed in 645 and one the city’s most colorful and popular temples
Kimono Experience in Tokyo
Get lost and wander all the streets for your perfect photo. There are many entrances in and around the temple grounds as well as the famous Nakamise shopping street where you can buy souvenirs such as fans and snacks
Kimono Experience in Tokyo
Aside from the traditional backgrounds, you can also capture hilarious photos with the artwork the streets all around. They are painted on the metal gates of shops that are closed which brings added beauty and fun to the neighborhood


Disclaimer: My Kimono Experience was graciously sponsored by KKday. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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