8 Tips to Help Beat Jetlag

Jetlag is a pain and often times completely unavoidable. However, there are tricks to overcome jetlag and shorten those sleepy days and sleepless nights.

1. Schedule to Arrive During the Day

Choose a flight schedule that arrives during the day. Daytime arrivals provide the necessary sunlight needed to stay awake and adjust to your new time zone.


2. Adjust your Watch In-Flight

Once you are already in your seat and headed to your final destination, adjust your watch or smartphone’s Date and Time. This allows you to think in that timezone throughout the flight. Note: do not adjust your watch before boarding the plane or else you may mistakenly miss the proper boarding and flight time.


3. Plan a Relaxed Schedule for the First Days

Your body and mind will be out of sorts for the first couple of days in your new time zone. Don’t hit the ground running with a full itinerary from day to night. Take it easy and plan may be one or two leisure activities. Plan a light day out for the first two days and early evenings to catch up on sleep.


4. Spend Time Outside

Daylight is your friend when it comes to beating jetlag. Spend time outside and walk around. Staying lightly active for most of the daytime helps your body and mind adjust faster to the timezone.


5. Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated! Your body is working harder from the long flight you just took and from adjusting to the new time zone. Water helps you stay focused, energized, and healthy. Read these tips for where you can get free water in your hotel. https://foodicles.com/stay-hydrated-free-water/


6. Plan Proper Meal Times

Eat according to your new timezone’s meal times. This helps your body and metabolism adjust faster. You may have hunger pangs at odd times – have a light snack and wait for the bigger meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


7. Stay Active & Exercise

Exercise will help get you tired and have a full night’s rest. Take a long walk outside to explore or use the hotel’s gym. Read these tips for using your hotel’s gym https://foodicles.com/hotel-gyms/ and these tips if you don’t have access to a hotel gym https://foodicles.com/alternative-exercises-no-hotel-gym/


8. Blackout Blinds

Use your hotel room’s blackout blinds at night. This will help block out any city lights and even muffle sounds from the outside. Tip: Set your alarm clock for the absolute latest time you want to wake up. And set a backup alarm in case you do not wake up the first time.


Notes on Caffeine & Alcohol

Coffee during the day and alcohol at night may be tempting. Enjoy a cup or glass, but do not rely on it. In fact, coffee may give you the jitters or a crash during the day. And, alcohol may hinder your attempt at a full night’s rest. If you do have a cup or glass, be sure to counter the effects with plenty of water.


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