The heart of Andalucía

Overshadowed by Seville and Granada with their large city flair, Jerez is an equally worthy destination to taste some of Spain’s specialties like sherry and tocino del cielo – the bacon from heaven.

Tocino del cielo is an iconic Spanish dessert named after its caramelized appearance, heavenly texture, and religious origin. The dessert was created in the Convent of the Holy Spirit of Jerez de la Frontera by nuns who were given egg yolks from their neighboring sherry producers, as sherry is clarified with egg whites.


La Rosa de Oro

The most notable, and most delicious, is produced in La Rosa de Oro, a pasteleria in the heart of Jerez since 1928. You can taste the history and traditions of the city.



Aside from a legacy of rich desserts, the city also holds landmarks like the Alcázar, a former Moorish fortress, dating back to the 11th century. And, nearby there is the Catedral de San Salvador which was built in the 17th century and became a cathedral in 1980 by Pope John Paul II.


Learning the food culture at the supermercado

For a deeper look into the culture, the local groceries and supermercados provide a glimpse of everyday life. It is fascinating to learn about the food products and conveniences found only in Spain.


La Rosa de Oro.  In the heart of Jerez.  The neighborhood pasteleria, with 3 locations, serves Spanish cakes, pastries, ice creams and sweet drinks.  It is a respite for locals to savor an afternoon snack and for school children as an afterschool reward
Orange juice.  From freshly squeezed Andalucian oranges
The birthplace of tocino del cielo
Tocino del cielo.  Bacon from heaven describing its caramelized appearance and heavenly texture
After the first bite, you will realize it is truly from heaven
You cannot have just one piece.  Take some back home or to your hotel.  It lasts a few days and will taste just as delicious
One of the many entrances to the Alcazar
The traditional Moorish architecture alongside local palm trees
The Alcazar is now situated next to a park filled with local orange trees
The Catedral de San Salvador built in the 17th century
A close up of the architectural details
Pope John Paul II’s statue commemorating the year 1980 when he made the church into a cathedral
Local products at the supermercado.  Boxed gazpacho.  Cold tomato soup
Patatas bravas.  Fried potatoes complete with the sauces
Various flavors of tortas and tortillas.  Spanish style omelets
Boquerones.  Vinegared anchovies


La Rosa de Oro, Pastelería & Heladería
Tienda Centro
Consistorio, 7
Jerez de la Frontera

La Rosa de Oro, Pastelerìa & Cafetería
Tienda Pío XII
San Francisco de Paul, 14
Jerez de la Frontera

La Rosa de Oro, Pastelería & Cafetería
Tienda Pza. Toros
Ventura Nuñez Venturita, 16
Jerez de la Frontera

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