Classic Lunch Sets in Nihonbashi

Lunch in Tokyo typically offers a discounted set menu. You can even have a complete meal for about $10 USD. In Nihonbashi, one of Tokyo’s premier districts, you can find some amazing meals in the most unassuming locations – like at Tori to Chokotto Ryori Hokkoriya in the basement floor of the Mitsui Tower.

Nihonbashi Tokyo
In Nihonbashi, Tokyo’s former business district, you can find Mitsukoshi (the original location for Japan’s first department store which opened in 1673) and Takashimaya (Tokyo’s first branch which opened in 1900).



Oyakodon can either be great or disappointing. Disappointing bowls include overcooked and dry meat and eggs. Great oyakodon makes sure the eggs cook just right and not dried up at all with delicious grilled chicken chunks. Here in this unassuming basement restaurant, this bowl of oyakodon surprises, delights, and satisfies.

Oyakodon Nihonbashi Tokyo
Sumibi Tori no Oyakodon lunch set for 850 yen. The set lunch comes with miso soup and pickles. The server will ask if you want a small or larger scoop of rice. Softly simmered eggs with a good amount of sauce and the chicken pieces roasted over the white charcoal grill


Japanese Fried Chicken

Written on the menu as “Tori Kara”, also known as “tori kara age”, and most popularly known as “karaage”. Aside from the oyakodon for lunch, the restaurant also offers its specialty fried chicken. Several pieces are freshly fried to order for a delicious, piping hot and crispy karaage lunch set.

Torikara lunch set for 850 yen. The set lunch comes with a tofu salad, miso soup, pickles, and rice for 850 yen. The server will ask you if you want a small or larger scoop of rice. Since I try to eat less rice in general, the small scoop was just right for the meal
Karaage Japanese Fried Chicken
A close up of the fried chicken. The chicken is freshly fried to order from its proper marinade to tenderize the meat. The batter comes out beautifully coated and crispy. As opposed to mayonnaise, the chicken comes with a vinegar-based sauce to lighten fried chicken


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Address & Hours

Tori to Chokotto Ryori Hokkoriya
B1F Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower
2-1-1- Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo, Tokyo
11am to 11pm (last order 10:30pm)


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