Enjoy Japan like a Japanese

Japanese tourism attracts international and domestic travelers. For domestic travelers, Japanese know how to enjoy the best of their own country. One of the highlights of their activities is seasonal fruit picking.

Japanese fruits are some of the best in the world. Intensely flavorful beyond the sweetness. Within the country, you can visit the fruit farms, pay a reasonable entrance fee, and for 30+ minutes pick and eat all the fruit to your heart’s content.

Strawberry season covers almost half the year, with the best times to go earlier in the season during the colder winter months. While not entirely English-friendly, international visitors are welcome


Fruit Picking Seasons and Schedule

Here is your guide to picking your favorite Japanese fruits in Japan:

December to May, Strawberries
May to July, Cherries
June to early August, Melons
Late June to early September, Peaches
July to August, Blueberries
July to October, Grapes
September to October, Pears
Late September to mid-December, Apples
October to January, Mikans (Oranges)

Prices range from 800 to 3000 yen, depending on the fruit. The farm allows you to pick the fruits for 30 to 60 minutes, while some charge per weight.

In lieu of picking the strawberries for a certain amount of time, you can also choose to pick up to a certain weight and pay by the weight of your fruit box. This works well later in the season when you can pick fruits to make jam


Where to go Strawberry Picking in Japan

~Ootomi Farm~
1124 Kitaema
Shizuoka Prefecture
~Nirayama Strawberry Picking~
Shizuoka Prefecture
~Ema Strawberry Picking~
Shizuoka Prefecture
~Izunagaoka Strawberry Picking~
Shizuoka Prefecture
~Ichigo Land Nakanishi~
Shizuoka Prefecture

Aside from simply biting into the amazing fruits, also be sure to enjoy the sweets and confectionary made from the perfectly ripened seasonal fruits. Strawberry shortcake is exceptional during the winter and spring months in Japan


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