A Look Inside the Lounge at Narita International Airport.

Japan Airlines offers access to the Sakura Lounge for Business Class and First Class passengers as well as for eligible members of their frequent flyer program. Here is a review of the Business Class Sakura Lounge in Narita International Airport:


Review of Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge in Narita International Airport

In Narita International Airport, passengers have two options for the Sakura Lounge. The main lounge is located in the middle of the terminal just as you exit immigration. For passengers departing from boarding gates 81 to 99, there is a satellite lounge for those gates.

Lounge Seats

The Sakura Lounge in Narita International Airport provides ample seats throughout the multiple lounge areas. This accounts for busy travel days when the seats may mostly fill up. While it may feel crowded when full, the lounge remains pleasant because of its cleanliness and the respectful Japanese travelers.

Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge
In the Satellite Lounge, you can also find ample seats all of which are quite comfortable in various areas throughout the lounge. Each seat has a little side table for your belongings or for your food and drinks.
Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge
A highlight of the Sakura Lounges is the panoramic and unobstructed views of the runway. The windows are lined with a long counter and plenty of seats to fully enjoy the view while eating, drinking, charging your devices, working, or simply killing time before your flight.



Throughout the Sakura Lounge, there are specific facilities for guests including a business center with computers and printers, working stations designed like cubicles, and telephone booths to privately take your calls – this also serves to keep the rest of the lounge areas quiet and to respect others.

Additionally, there are storage and locker areas to safely store your belongings. This is particularly useful for solo travelers who can use the restroom without bringing in your bags into the stall.

Young families can utilize the kids’ room for children to freely be louder and to burn off their extra energy before the flight.

There are also shower suites to freshen up as well as sleeping areas and massage chairs to rejuvenate. And since it is Japan, there is a smoking room.

Lounge Food

The Sakura Lounge offers buffet-style dining with Japanese and Western dishes throughout the day as well as a selection of drinks including local Japanese wines, sake, and draft beer machines.

For breakfast, the spread includes the classic Japanese offering of grilled fish, rice condiments, and miso soup. The western breakfast has scrambled eggs, sausages, potatoes, cereals, and yogurts.

For lunch and dinner, the kitchen offers udon noodles, sushi balls, Chinese dim sum and sweet-sour chicken, and a creamy pasta.

Throughout the day, guests can continuously enjoy the soup and salad bar, breads, pastries, and signature beef curry with rice.

Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge
Draft beer, rice crackers, and cookies. For beer fans, having a beer in the lounge is a must. The machine pours it out for your with a touch of the button and you can enjoy one last taste of clean, crisp Japanese beer with that creamy foam head.
Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge
Siu mai made with Berkshire pork, fresh spring rolls, and salad. The lounge offers a decent variety of dishes to easily fill you up. The small plates encourage smaller portions so there is less food wastage. If you are really hungry, you can simply get more plates.
Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge
JAL’s signature beef curry and another draft beer with runway views. The curry station has steamed rice and pickles to accompany and complete the dish. As this is the lounge’s most notable dish, it is served at all times of the day and night.


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