Review & Comparison of Manila to/from Tokyo on Japan Airlines Business Class.

Whether you are flying to Japan or using Japan as a layover to North America, Japan Airlines Business Class is a flight option from Manila.


About Flying JAL, Manila to/from Tokyo

Japan Airlines Business Class is a good flight to consider if the price is right or you can redeem a miles reward. The cabin is clean, the food is more than decent, and the service is top notch as you would expect from the Japanese culture.

A couple of downsides include that there is a bit more turbulence on this airline compared to Cathay Pacific or All Nippon Airways. Additionally, JAL is located in Manila’s Terminal 1 which is significantly older and less clean than Terminal 3.

Manila to/from Tokyo (Haneda & Narita) Flight Schedules

Manila to/from Haneda International Airport

MNL to HND, JL 078, 23:50 to 04:45+1

HND to MNL, JL 077, 01:25 to 05:00

Manila to/from Narita International Airport

MNL to NRT, JL 746, 10:05 to 15:35
MNL to NRT, JL 742, 14:25 to 19:55

NRT to MNL, JL 741, 09:30 to 13:10
NRT to MNL, JL 745, 17:55 to 21:35

Business Class Seat Review

For all Manila flights, the JAL Business Class seat is the Shell Flat Neo. The seats do not completely lie flat nor do they provide complete privacy from fellow passengers. However, the cabin is very clean and spacious with its 2-2-2 seat configuration and the seats themselves are relaxing for the 4-hour flight.

For these short-haul flights, Business Class passengers are offered complimentary amenities such as eye masks, moisture masks, toothbrush and toothpaste, and ear plugs. Slippers are provided for all JAL flights.

Japan Airlines Business Class
The first row of Business Class where your seat will have a soft Airweave pillow, blanket, and dining menu. Additionally, the seat has charging outlets and a reading light. The slippers are placed in front of your seat and amenities are passed out by the flight attendant.
Japan Airlines Business Class
In the first row, the televisions are kept in the panel inside the middle armrest. For the rows behind, the television is on the seat in front of you. Because of the seats’ shell design, you do not have to worry about the seat in front of you reclining.
Japan Airlines Business Class
While all airlines provide Business Class passengers headphones, JAL provides noise-canceling Sony headphones. This feature wonderfully mutes out the surrounding sounds of the cabin so you can fully enjoy the audio of your shows.


Airplane Food Review

Japan Airlines Business Class
Meal service starts with your choice of drinks from the dining menu and a pack of rice crackers while they prepare your main meal. If you like the crackers, you can ask the flight attendant for a second pack.
Japan Airlines Business Class
The dining menu is the same for both Haneda and Narita flights. The meal itself changes each month while the entree changes each week or every other week within that month. Passengers have a choice of the Japanese or Western menu.
Japan Airlines Business Class
The Japanese menu always has a variety of cold appetizers on the top left, along with miso soup, and a hot pack of rice. The entree dish changes each week or every other week feature a meat selection and or seafood.
Japan Airlines Business Class
The Western menu comes with its own plate of cold appetizers on the top left along with bread and butter. For the entree, you will have a choice of one of two dishes which is typically a seafood plate or a meat plate.
Japan Airlines Business Class
After your meal, you will be offered coffee or tea and a dessert. The dessert is the same both the Japanese and Western menu, and it is typically a cold dessert as that keeps and serves best on the plane.


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