Taste and discover Central & Sheung Wan like a local

Today’s food tours give touristy tours a higher caliber reputation. Food passionate locals and expats lead travelers around the cities’ best foods while educating them about history and culture. You can read about my other food tour experiences here

I frequent Hong Kong at least 5 times a year. Almost 20 years later, I finally took a food tour with Hong Kong Foodie Tours and learned even more about my favorite city.


About Hong Kong Foodie Tours

Hong Kong Foodie Tours was created by food passionate Hong Kong locals for food passionate travelers. Each of the 3 tours offered includes 6 tastings in family-run establishments during a 4-hour walking tour with a licensed tour guide with whom you will learn about the past, present, and future of Hong Kong’s culture.

By the end of the tour, the knowledge learned and the food tasted will undoubtedly make you feel like a fellow local.

Watch my short video about my Hong Kong Foodie Tour experience:


Central & Sheung Wan Tour

The company’s first and signature tour covers what can be known as quintessential Hong Kong in the Central & Sheung Wan tour.

For 750 HKD (~$96 USD), the tour includes 6 tastings of the most popular everyday foods in Hong Kong with wonton noodle soup, roast meat over rice, fresh juice, preserved fruits, dim sum, and dessert at a local bakery.

While some may argue a food tour is an unnecessary expense and they can just eat at these establishments on their own, the true value of the tour comes with the access to kitchens, with the guides’ rapport with the owners, and the immense knowledge, stories, and details of the history and culture of these locals’ beloved city.

The walking tour of Central & Sheung Wan includes strolling through famous outdoor markets and learning about the history and modern changes that have been affecting these generations-old vendors
You not only walk around the city and taste popular foods, you also have access to the kitchens. Here is an exclusive tour of the roast meat kitchen where the pigs are roasted in a special oven
With 6 tastings, you will definitely be adequately fed in this afternoon tour, starting with a filling bowl of wonton noodle soup featuring one of the biggest wontons in the city, which are bigger than the size of a golf ball
Classic staples, including this bowl of barbecued pork over rice for the ultimate Hong Kong comfort food. While these dishes may be familiar, there is value in learning about the history of these establishments
You cannot have an afternoon food tour without proper dim sum. At this filling dim sum stop, you will also learn about local tea etiquette while tasting a variety of the most popular dim sum selections


Other Tours Offered

Beyond Central and Hong Kong Island, you can also take tours in Kowloon and New Territories. The Sham Shui Po morning tour of Kowloon is also priced at 750 HKD, while the Tai Po Market afternoon tour of New Territories is 890 HKD.

Find out more and book your tours on the website:


Disclaimer: Hong Kong Foodie Tours graciously hosted and paid for my Central & Sheung Wan Tour. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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