Davao’s Eco-Tourism Resort

A short 45-minute from Davao International Airport to Tagum City along decently impressive provincial highways takes you to the Hijo Resorts Davao and the Banana Beach.

Hijo Resorts offers guests a one-of-kind eco-tourism experience in the Philippines. From sandy beaches to infinity pools, from river cruises to forest tours, and from banana plantations to coconut production. The resort offers an endless choice of leisure, adventure, and educational activities.


Hijo Resorts and the Banana Beach

The property’s 350 hectares includes gorgeously stunning views of the Davao Gulf along the Banana Beach. Visitors and guests seeking relaxation under the sun can enjoy the warm Philippine beach waters and the resort’s infinity pool.

Banana Beach. Guests and day visitors can partake in water sports on the Davao Gulf such as kayaking, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. The serenity and clean, lush landscaping of the resort privilege guests to truly enjoy the natural surroundings
Between water sports and activities, you can take a break on the large, covered cabanas which are set between the trees. The staff can even serve snacks and ice cold drinks to refresh from the sunny day
The resort’s infinity pool overlooking the Davao Gulf and Samal Island, and inside the pool is the sunken bar. Now this is a real vacation. Guests can also dine al fresco under the shade next to the pool and beach



With all the activities offered at the resort, guests can stay in the accommodations provided at the Banana Beach and at the Plantation Houses on the other end of the resort’s property.

Al Fresco Casita. Opening up directly to the Banana Beach. These rooms, which are undergoing renovation for air-conditioning options, put guests directly on the beachfront to enjoy the water’s breeze throughout the day and night
Beach Casita. Private accommodations further inland to provide a sense of exclusivity and seclusion. The casita stands as its own house as though it is your own beach house with resort hospitality
Inside the beach casita. High-ceilings, a day bed, spacious accommodations, a clean bathroom, and access to a backyard. The private beach casita is ideal for those guests seeking luxury and comfort


Dining at the Plantation House

Aside from al fresco dining options around the resort, you can also enjoy a feast in the air-conditioned restaurant at the Plantation House.

Lechon de leche. The Philippines’ famous roasted suckling pig. Lechon de leche is comparable to a cochinillo, but differs in that it is a few months older and larger to feed group of 15-20 persons
As much as I love my country’s cuisine, it is not easy to have a meal with proper vegetables. These two bowls beautifully present steamed and raw vegetables and herbs with a simple vinaigrette
Soft Shell Crabs. Davao is known for its abundance of seafood such as these local soft shell crabs. Here at the Plantation House, the crabs are fried and sautéed in a garlic sauce. Soft shell crabs are typically fried whole and every part of it can be eaten
Beef Sinina. A braised beef stew from the Moro culture, the Philippine Muslims who live in the Mindanao region. Sinina originally used goat meat, and the addition of vegetables is a modern addition to balance a healthier dish
The local fruit station with lanzones (similar to lychees), mangosteens (the queen of the fruits), mangoes, marang (to be explained in the next photo), pomelos (likened to a sweet grapefruit), and durian (the king of the fruits). This is Davao on a table
Marang. Another fruit like the durian which falls off the tree when ripe. The smell and taste of the fruit resemble a jackfruit, which is the marang’s relative. The texture is similar to the smoothness of custard apple or cherimoya


Coconut ice cream with coconut syrup. Both made from the coconut production of the resort’s plantation which is full of coconut trees and banana trees to produce export goods for the global market


The Spot

Another area of the Hijo Resorts to bask in nature’s beauty and have a meal. The restaurant offers Halal choices.

Imagine eating in this picturesque setting. Guests can fish in this private pond and eat what they catch. They can also choose to dine in the private cabanas along the edges of the pond for a more exclusive dining experience


River Cruise

The resort offers tours around its enormous property, including a leisurely river cruise along the century-old mangrove forest on the Madaum River.

Complete serenity on the Madaum River. Along the ride, you will see fish farms, native tribal communities, and the fishes and birds living peacefully in the naturally preserved environment
Merienda on the river cruise. Maruya, mashed bananas dusted in coconut flour, fried, and served with a side of coconut sugar as a dip


Forest Tour

Another resort tour takes guests on a local adventure to witness the forest’s wildlife, walk along 9 hanging bridges, and experience thrill seeking activities.

A drive through the forest takes guests along a path which can be likened to a tropical safari game drive where you quietly drive by monkeys and wild boars. The forest rangers feed the animals to come out towards the road or to stay in areas away from the guests’ activities
Train for the Hunger Games. In the forest, you can practice your knife throwing skills, target shooting practice, and archery. Let me brag for a moment and have you admire my newly acquired archery skills


Plantation Tour

The third tour takes guests further inland to the resort owner’s banana plantation. Proudly the first plantation in the country to export Cavendish bananas to Japan in 1969, the company now exports 100% of its Cavendish bananas to countries all across the world

Start with the banana trees. Here you witness the development and protection of the clusters of bananas which grow prolifically
The bananas are then transported into the plantation’s factory for cutting, washing, selecting, and packaging for its designated country
Cutting the banana clusters and washing. Bananas are first power washed and soaked in this bed of water prior to packaging
An assembly line of workers diligently cut and trim the clusters of bananas to import-quality standards
Each country has certain requirements; for instance, Japan requests for small clusters of bananas for the Japanese consumer living in smaller households
After drying and packaging in plastics, the bananas are packed in their designated country’s box for exportation


Day Tour Options

For 550 pesos, including 400 consumable amount, visitors can stop by the resort for day tours making this an ideal destination for a day trip from Davao City.

Cheers to Davao! There’s no better drink to enjoy than an ice cold coconut on the Hijo Resorts and Plantations


Spend the night or 2 at Hijo Resort Davao!

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This stay was graciously and generously sponsored by Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines and Hijo Resorts Davao as part of the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) Familiarization Trip. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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