Fun for all ages, especially the little ones.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose first opened back in 1961. After major renovations, the park reopened in 2010 for future generations of young families. While not a huge space, the small zoo and amusement park happily thrill little kids and their parents and guardians with animals, rollercoaster rides, and green park facilities.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo San Jose
Entrance to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose. Because of its location in San Jose, the best way to get here is by car. The park provides ample paid parking ($10 for the whole day) for guests
Happy Hollow Park and Zoo San Jose
After parking, the adventure begins as you cross a long bridge to the main entrance of the amusement park and zoo. This is where you can pay admission fees to enter (rates according to age are detailed at the bottom of this post)


Zoo Animals

As soon as you enter the park, you have options of 3 larger areas to explore. There are 2 areas with animals, and one massive area with rides and parks. Start with the Zoo in the Hollow and the Zoo on the Hill to see all 150 animals in Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo San Jose
On one side of the park are zoo animals and farm animals to pet and feed. Here you can pet and feed sheep, goats, and more. Plus, there are sinks to wash hands after touching all the animals
Happy Hollow Park and Zoo San Jose
Aside from touching animals, you can admire even more exotic zoo animals, like this anteater. On the other end of the park are more zoo animals, like capybaras, jaguars, and even a variety of birds


Park and Rollercoaster Rides

Aside from the zoo animals, the rest of the afternoon passes by quickly with rollercoaster rides! There are legitimate ones for bigger kids as well as friendly ones for the little kids. Between all the fun, you can even bring your own food and set up a picnic in the park areas, either on the tables or lawn.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo San Jose
Rollercoaster rides for adults, big kids, and even little kids with adventurous spirits. There is a height limit, but my two-year-old nephew was able to ride. Expect to wait awhile for this ride as it is one of the most popular ones


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Happy Hollow Park & Zoo
748 Story Rd., San Jose
Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm
Ages 2-59, $14.25
Ages 0-1, Free
Ages 60+, $11.25


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