Hakone Akatsuki-an at Mitsukoshi Ginza

In Japan, department stores must not to be overlooked. The top-branded stores acquire the best of the best – from food hall vendors on the basement floors to brands of clothing to restaurants on the upper floors.

Mitsukoshi Ginza is one the best department stores in the country, and so it is no surprise they have one of the best soba restaurants, Hakone Akatsuki-an, specializing in freshly milled buckwheat and handmade noodles.

Soba from the Soba Master

The immediate draw into Hakone Akatsuki-an comes from their window display. During lunch and dinner hours, you can watch the soba master rolling out freshly milled buckwheat into thin sheets and slicing them with a specialized soba knife.

Freshly made soba noodles, as opposed to the dry ones in grocery stores, have an amazingly soft, yet al dente bites with a light taste of the milled buckwheat. If you love noodles noodles, freshly milled and handmade soba in Japan is a meal that must be experienced.

Hakone Atatsuki-an Mitsukoshi Ginza Handmade Soba Noodles
The soba master at work. After meticulously rolling out a thin, even layer of the soba noodle dough, the soba master folds the dough with flour in between each layer. He then uses this massive soba knife and board to cut thin strands of the noodles


Set Menu Options

If you cannot read Japanese, many restaurants provide English menus. These English menus tend to only translate set menus. At Hakone Atatsuki-an, the set menus are perfect for lunch or dinner as it comes with more than just the soba noodles.

Hakone Atatsuki-an Mitsukoshi Ginza Handmade Soba Noodles
Aside from soba noodles, the restaurant also specializes in soy products. The most basic set menu comes with a side of cold vegetables, freshly made tofu (which you can splash with a little soy sauce), and a spoon of soy paste. These are your starters to enjoy while your noodles are boiling and preparing to be served
Hakone Atatsuki-an Mitsukoshi Ginza Handmade Soba Noodles
If you are more than hungry, the set menus go up according to the add-ons of side dishes. For instance, you can have your soba set with kakiage, tempura (like in this picture), or all of it in one large set meal


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Address & Hours

Hakone Akatsuki-an
11th Floor, Mitsukoshi Ginza
4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
11am to 11pm (Last order 10:30pm)


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