Welcome to Hong Kong! Now What?

Your plane has landed in Hong Kong, walked through the airport to the Immigration Desk, collected your luggage, walked through Customs, and now you are officially in Hong Kong. Aside from checking into your hotel, this is what you must do on first hours and first day in the city:

Airport Arrival

Now that you have passed through Customs, you are in the massive Arrival Hall of Hong Kong International Airport. Follow the signs to find your chosen form of transportation to your hotel. If you arrange for a private transfer, your driver or attendant will be waiting for you with your name on a placard.

If you call an Uber, head out to the Carpark towards the right-side (if you are facing the Airport Express) of the Arrival Hall. If you take a taxi, walk towards the other end of the airport following the taxi signs. Take a red taxi if you are going to Hong Kong Island or Kowloon. Take a green taxi if you are going to New Territories. Take a blue taxi if you are staying on Lantau Island.

Finally, you can also take the Airport Express into town. Buy your tickets at the ticket counters using cash or credit card. You can choose to stop at Tsing Yi Station, Kowloon Station, or Hong Kong Station. At your arrival station, you can then connect via taxi or MTR to your hotel.

Hong Kong Airport Express
Hong Kong Airport Express. A comfortable and efficient way of getting into town. From the airport, takes less than half an hour for the train to arrive at Hong Kong station. At the arriving station, you will find trolleys to help you with your luggage


SIM Card

Because of the cheap rates, SIM Cards are your best option for data (over mobile Wi-Fi) in Hong Kong. The pre-paid SIM cards range from $78 to $100 HKD ($10 to $12 USD) for 1GB, 3GB, and more depending on how many days you select for your coverage.

You can easily buy these SIM Cards at any 7-11 (which can be found in almost every MTR station). Ask the cashier for a “Pre-Paid SIM Card” and you will be shown what is available in the store.


Octopus Card

Want to get around Hong Kong like a local? Buy an Octopus Card! You can purchase it at the Airport’s train ticketing counter, at any MTR ticketing counter, or from a cashier at any local convenience store. Load the card with at least 50 HKD.

This Octopus Card is your easy access around the city. Tap the card to enter and exit MTR stations as well as getting on buses, trams, and ferries. When you exit MTR stations, the amount will deduct according to your route. On buses, trams, and ferries, one set amount is charged as you enter.

If you want to lessen using cash and coins at convenience stores and fast food shops, load your card with a few hundred Hong Kong dollars. At the cashier counter, you will notice the orange box to place your card to deduct the cost.

If you purchase your Octopus Card from the Airport or an MTR Station ticketing officer, you will receive this type of card. If you want another design on your card, you can also purchase Octopus Cards at local convenience stores. Photo credit shanker s



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