Philippines, Singapore, and Cambodia Moments

Here is a sneak preview of my favorite 2016 travels to Southeast Asia. Following my coverage of the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia, I will detail my favorite hotels, favorite sights, and favorite foods in Southeast Asia.

Favorite Moments in the Philippines

Sunsets on the beach in the Philippines cannot be missed. The changing colors of the skies are truly the “magic hour”. With a beach vacation to Shangri-La Boracay every moment is magical with the luxurious pampering, the gorgeous resort setting, and the warm Philippine waters
As a fan of the reality show “Survivor”, it has been on my travel bucket list to get on a boat around the Caramoan Islands. The goal was checked at the beginning of the year as I stepped foot on the actual islands and hiked up the mountains for this epic view
The waters of the Philippines are epically gorgeous from the north to the south. The Pearl Farm Resort in Davao’s Samal Island offers rooms, suites, and villas on water stilts privileging guests to wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the waves


Favorite Moments in Singapore

Singapore is a small destination. After visiting the city-state a few times, the best thing to do when going back is to eat their specialty foods, especially like this plate of Hainanese chicken rice from hawker stalls


Favorite Moments in Cambodia

The sun rises directly in the middle of Angkor Wat only happens less than a few times a year, sometimes only once a year. In March, with amazing luck of travel dates, it happened during my morning sunrise tour of Siem Reap


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