Hong Kong, China, and Japan: Asia Travel Moments

Here is a sneak preview of my favorite 2016 travels to Asia. Following my coverage of the U.S., Europe and Africa, I will detail my favorite hotels, favorite sights, and favorite foods in Asia.

Favorite Moments in Hong Kong

Back “home” at my favorite hotel in the world. There is nothing like the pampering comfort at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Room service is always a delightful experience of taste, vision, and luxury. The hotel excels in Chinese & British cuisines, providing the experience of old, classy Hong Kong alive in the modern era
The Chinnery. My new favorite British pub. Quiet, classy, old school, and in the comfort of the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. The Chinnery’s specializes in curries, pies, and classic British cuisine. Beer on draft are classically served in silver cups to keep the beer cold and classy


Favorite Moments in China

Most of my travel goals entail going to the origins of food and drinks. Here I am in the land of one of my favorite comfort dishes, Hainanese Chicken Rice. At the Mandarin Oriental Sanya on the Chinese island, Hainan, guests can partake in cooking classes, including learning the tricks and techniques in cooking a perfectly tender Hainanese chicken


Favorite Moments in Japan

My first trip of 2016 was to some place similar, yet completely different. Back in Japan and this time to the countryside to enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered Mt. Fuji. This trip involved renting a car and having a road trip in Japan to Numazu and Shizuoka for a traditional onsen experience
If you are in Shizuoka during the winter months, you must experience strawberry picking on a Japanese farm or greenhouse. Guests are given 30 minutes of unlimited strawberry picking and eating. You can even dip the strawberries into condensed milk or chocolate as you pick them from the vines
Ice fishing, one of the highlights from my trip to Hokkaido. After fishing for the smelt fish, the crew fries them in tempura batter and you can eat your catch right on the spot. A complete food travel experience that must be enjoyed when in Hokkaido during the winter months
Kuromon Market can be likened to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market and Kyoto’s Nishiki Market. Kuromon Market in Osaka specializes in seafood and beef, which can be purchased to take home for chefs and home cooks or it can be purchased as ready-to-eat prepared foods. A must-visit destination for food and sushi lovers


Stay at my favorite hotel in the world: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

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