Fall Travel 2018: See the World’s Fall Foliage

As the intense heat of the summer simmers down, it is time to travel again. Here are 5 destinations for the fall travel 2018:

5. Bangkok & Northern Thailand

Fall travel in Southeast Asia is highly discouraged as it is the height of rainy season. It rains daily and typhoons pass through about once a week or so. However, in Bangkok and Northern Thailand, the rains tend to dissipate towards November making this the ideal time to visit these areas before the December holiday crowds.

Fall Travel 2018
Head to Thailand and Chiang May before the crowds and prices of the holiday season significantly increase. You will get to bask in the lush green from the rainy season and the cooler temperatures from the start of dry season


4. New England, USA

For the best fall foliage in the U.S., plan a road trip through New England to experience the vast colors of the leaves. Drive through at least one of the states, such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine. Aside from the natural surroundings, don’t miss New England’s quaint small towns full of architecture and tradition.

Fall Travel 2018
Autumn may be the best time of the year to explore New England. It is the region’s most colorful time of the year with all the spectacular colors from the countless trees. Plus, the temperatures are not yet freezing and full of snow. Photo credit Anthony Quintano


3. Quebec City, Canada

Canada is another destination which grows more gorgeous in the fall with the vivid colors from the trees surrounding its landmarks and sights. In Quebec City, you can enjoy the wildlife, national parks, go fruit picking, or take a stroll in the historic towns and urban areas.

Fall Travel 2018
Capture the best of Quebec City before all the fall leaves fade away and the winter white snow comes in. There is something for everyone making this Canada destination an ideal long weekend. Photo credit Morgan


2. Bavaria, Southern Germany

While most tourists flock to Germany in September and early October for the fun of Oktoberfest, there is plenty to explore throughout southern Germany during late October through November. Bavaria in southern Germany offers perfectly mild temperatures and the most colorful and charming landscape setting around the towns

Fall Travel 2018
Explore Bavaria’s castles, towns, and wine country. The smaller towns have far less of the crowds of tourists, plus autumn hosts small town festivals through the month of September through November. Photo credit Alexander von Halem


1. Japan’s Countryside

For the most breathtaking fall foliage, experience Japan’s countryside. The most obvious destinations in Japan are Kyoto and near Mt. Fuji, especially by the lakes of the mountain. Have your camera ready for every step you take in Japan. Plus, don’t forget to feast on the best of the country’s fall ingredients, like salmon, sweet potato, chestnuts, persimmons, pears, and figs

Fall Travel 2018
While most travelers know to visit Japan during cherry blossom season, local Japanese know the explore the country during the fall season to witness the most gorgeous and colorful landscapes


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