Day Tours and Half-Day Tours

Kuala Lumpur is rich with history and culture. To get to know the city and the country, plan for a half-day or full day tour of the capital and its surrounding cities beyond the city center. The day trip can be arranged through your hotel’s concierge – many of which offer packages and programs.

The tours vary in hours and destinations. The main attractions and landmarks should include the following:

Istana Negara, the National Palace

The new royal palace of the Malaysian monarchy. This new Istana Negara replaced the old one in 2011. Here visitors can walk up to the gates to see the property from the entrance.

foodicles royal palace 1
Walking towards the Istana Negara. The property’s size is immediately felt from the walk from the parking lot towards the front gate. From afar, the palace and the grounds within the gates are massive
foodicles royal palace 2
Viewing Istana Negara only from the gates. Visitors can take photos at the gates and of the inside of the property from the gates; however, for security of the monarchy the public is not permitted inside
foodicles royal palace 3
A picture of Istana Negara through the front entrance gates. The expansive setback and driveway leading up to the main palace provide a grandiose feel to the enormity of the property


Tugu Negara, the National Monument

Another must-see landmark in Kuala Lumpur is the National Monument called Tugu Negara, which is walking distance from the Lake Gardens. Tugu Negara consists of 5 parts: the monument, the pavilion, the surrounding gardens, the fountains, and the war memorial.

foodicles kuala lumpur memoral
The monument commemorating those who fought for the country between the years of 1914 and 1960. Here is our tour guide, a local Malaysian, explaining the parts and importance of the crest
foodicles kuala lumpur war memorial
The war memorial statue honoring those who fought in World War II and the Malayan Emergency, which took place between the years 1948 and 1960. This statue was unveiled in 1966 to pay homage to those who died fighting for the independence of their country


Masjid Negara, the National Mosque

Another worthy destination which shows the culture’s religious backgrounds, including the Sunni religion at the National Mosque, known as the Masjid Negara. The mosque can hold 15,000 people with a surrounding property of 13-acres.

foodicles national mosque
Walking up towards the Masjid Negara. The mosque was completed in 1965 in a modern architecture style. To visit the mosque, visitors must remove their shoes and wear appropriately covered clothing


Batik and Handicrafts at Jadi Batek Gallery

Admire the craftsmanship of the batik artists. Batik is Malaysian textile art which part of the nation’s cultural heritage. At Jadi Batek Gallery, one of the most famous batik and handicraft shops, visitors can watch the creation of the textiles and buy products as souvenirs.

foodicles batik artist
Batik artists at work. You can watch the creation of the textiles from beginning to end and see how the colors blend and dry for the final finished product. Here the artist traces the design before painting
foodicles batik artist 2
Painting in the lines. This batik artist quickly paints as the material is delicate and the ink dries fast. Many designs are of flowers, animals, and patterns with the most popular design being flowers
foodicles kuala lumpur batik 3
Finished products hung above to admire and if you love them that much, you can also buy these textiles. Many are framed with varying sizes, designs, and colors


Malaysia chocolate at Beryl’s

The day is not complete without chocolate. Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom has been producing some of Malaysia’s best high-quality chocolate since 1995.

foodicles beryls chocolate
At Beryl’s you can learn about the chocolate making process, chocolate history, and finally, buy products to take home as souvenirs


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