Transported to Italy


Wine tasting in the Italian countryside is all about the leisurely enjoyment of the senses – a delicious glass of wine alongside bites of cheese and ham while taking in the open beauty of nature under vast blue skies.

Across the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast on a farm and winery in Healdsburg, California, you will easily get transported to taste the Italian countryside.


DaVero Farms & Winery

DaVero Farms & Winery all started in 1990 with imported olive trees from Tuscany.  Ten years later, Italian wine varietals were planted.

With patience and respect for the land, DaVero now produces wines and olive oils as good as Italy’s best.

In fact, in 2001 their olive oil won the Top Gold Award in the Olive Oils of the World competition – the industry’s most prestigious award.  And, it is a kitchen staple in Mario Batali’s restaurants.

How can they produce wines and olive oils as good as Italy’s best?

It’s all in the geography and climate.  California has the same Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool nights.

Equally important, the owners and producers of DaVero products have a love for Italy.

Every sip of their wines will take you away from California.  They are Italian suave, white and crisp, and medium-bodied reds with earthy qualities.

Best of all, they go hand-in-hand with food pairing – an absolute joy for food lovers who also love wine.


Olive Oils, Too

DaVero’s olive oils are as impressive as their wines.  The quality is evident in one sip as the oil does not coat your palate, an immediate sign of excellence.

The Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is handpicked and pressed the same day.  The oil is unfiltered, first cold press, and bottled in small batches.  The taste is rich, fruity and peppery.

The Estate Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is harvested later when the lemons are ripe.  The lemon rinds and olives are pressed together creating a rich, vibrant taste.

These olive oils are ideal for finishing dishes or for salad dressing to appreciate the fresh oil.


The Tastings

DaVero offers a selection of tastings:

Walk-In Tasting
Taste the current releases while learning about the history of DaVero and the importance of biodynamic farming.
No appointment necessary.  Call ahead if you have a group larger than 5.
7 days a week, 11am to 5pm
$15 per person

Private Seated Tasting in the Boardroom or Willow Circle
In 1.5 hours, take a tour of the farm and winery along with an introduction to DaVero.  This private venue tasting will showcase the current releases, select library wines, and olive oils.
Up to 6 guests with advance reservation
$30 per person
$40 with salumi and cheese plate
$70 led by winemaker and/or owner, cheese plate

Biodynamic Farm Tour and Seated Tasting
In 2 hours, take a tour of the home farm and winery while learning about the history, philosophy, and products of DaVero.  Taste the current releases, library selections, unreleased vintages, and olive oils.  Paired with salumi, cheese, and small bites.
Up to 6 guests with advance reservation
$50 per person
$100 per person led by winemaker and/or owner

A Special Tour is also available featuring three wineries in the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley (DaVero), and Alexander Valley.  Additionally, DaVero offers food and wine events throughout the year.


Foodicles DaVero 1
DaVero Farms & Winery.  Setting the scene with big barn doors to welcome you into their property
Foodicles DaVero 2
Picnic tables to relax and enjoy the beautiful farm grounds and vineyards
Foodicles DaVero 3
Taking in the sights of the property
Foodicles DaVero 4
Willow Room Tasting.  The outdoor private tasting table.  As the year will go on, the willow branches will beautifully cover the dome for more shade and lush greenery
Foodicles DaVero 5
The tasting table.  Comfortable chairs to relax and take in the DaVero philosophies and tastes
Foodicles DaVero 6
Italian wines, olive oils and balsamic vinegar.  You will forget that you are in California.  Under the sun, with the casual farm setting, and the tastes you will be transported to Italy’s farms and vineyards
Foodicles DaVero 7
Another tasting room setting for when the weather is not as California gorgeous
Foodicles DaVero 8
Healthy, plump chickens enjoying their farm land
Foodicles DaVero 9
Massively healthy, plump pigs (that do not smell!) having an afternoon riposo – the Italian version of the Spanish siesta, or afternoon nap
Foodicles DaVero 10
The tasting room open to the public for walk-in tastings and to purchase wines, olive oils, and their other farm-grown products


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DaVero Farms & Winery
766 Westside Road, Healdsburg
Sunday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm


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