The coolest beach bar in Koh Samui, and possibly even the coolest bar in the world

Coco Tam’s deservedly earns its title as the hottest and coolest bar in Koh Samui. Why? Because of its rustic, hip, chill beach vibes welcoming tourists and locals of all ages.

How to Get There

Located next to The Wharf Samui in Bophut’s Fisherman Village Walking Street, Coco Tam’s sits along the beach with prime views of ocean and boats rocking on the waters. You can get there by walking through Fisherman Village Walking Street or by getting dropped off at The Wharf Samui and walking down towards the beach.

Welcome to Coco Tam’s. This rustic, washed-ashore at the beach sign welcomes everyone of all ages to the bar. You can see young families, 20 and 30 somethings, and even an older crowd all enjoying a casual night out


Beach Bar & Lounge

Swings at the bar are the first sight that greets you as to enter the beach bar. That alone is way too awesome. As you look left, right, and over at the beach, you will see hammocks, an older crowd playing beer pong, cabanas, and massive bean bags on the sandy shores. Everything about Coco Tam’s is too cool because of the chill-out, easy-going vibes.

Many locals may recommend Ark Bar at Chaweng as the best place on the island. Don’t waste your time there. Chaweng caters to a cheaper, low-brow crowd. Bophut and Coco Tam’s are wholesome environments and completely worth your time.

The coolness of Coco Tam’s open-air beach bar lounge starts with these swings at the bar. You’ll likely start here for a photo opportunity and your first round of drinks. The swings may prove hazardous after a few drinks have gone down
The bar over looks the beach with every seat as the best seat in the house. Cabanas and elevated hammocks are reserved for those who spend a minimum of 1,000 baht ($30 USD) which is consumable through food and beverage. If you plan to spend 2-3 hours with food and drink, that is an easy and affordable amount to consume
Massive bean bags and tables neatly line the shores of the beach which overlooks the ocean and all the boats parked on the water at night. If you want to watch the fire show up close, these are the seats for you


Food & Drinks

Coco Tam’s specializes in ice cold cocktails that pair perfectly with the beach vibes. For those that want something non-alcoholic, the fruit juice mixes with mint are just as tasty and fun. The food menu consists only of bar snacks and classic street food bites that are typically eaten when drinking, like fried foods and skewered foods.

Fried wontons and fried chicken bits to pair with your rounds of cold cocktails. This is a pairing made in beach heaven. If you want a proper meal, you will not find that here – so plan to have that before or after coming to Coco Tam’s


Fire Show & Dancers

Other bars along the Koh Samui shores may have their fire dancers, but Coco Tam’s has the best show of them all. Every night at 10pm, guests are wowed with the entire production from the individual acts to the whole team of dancers lighting up the beach.

One for the most impressive parts of the show is when the three fire dancers spark the flames together to create what looks like fireworks on the shallow waters. At the Ark Bar, this is done with one dancer – the three at Coco Tam’s makes this the coolest of them all


Watch the video below of my night at Coco Tam’s and the amazing fire show. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest travel vlogs!


Address & Hours

Coco Tam’s
62/1 Moo 1
Bophut, Koh Samui, Thailand
Daily, 1pm to 1am


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