The Best of Hong Kong: Guides from Foodicles

Hong Kong is one of the world’s best destinations for travel. There is something for everyone and for every budget. Here is a comprehensive compilation of Foodicles guides to Hong Kong:

Getting to Know Hong Kong

5 Reasons Why I Love Hong Kong
Best & Worst Times to Visit Hong Kong
First Time Visitors to Hong Kong – The Essential Travel Guide for Your Arrival
Travel Etiquette in Hong Kong: 7 Tips to Do as the Locals Do
How to Get Around in Hong Kong – All Forms of Public Transportation
How to Take Hong Kong’s MTR
Getting to Know Hong Kong Island’s Districts & Neighborhoods
Discover Kowloon and New Territories Neighborhoods
Discovering the Outlying Islands


Itineraries for Hong Kong

One-Day Itinerary: Highlights of Hong Kong
One-Day Itinerary: Luxury Travel in Hong Kong
2 Nights and 3 Days in Hong Kong: A Detailed Itinerary for First-Time Visitors
10 Things to Do When Visiting Hong Kong Island
8 Things to Do in Kowloon
6 Things to Do in New Territories
Top 3 Things to Do in the Outlying Islands
How to Hike Dragon’s Back Trail
Hong Kong Foodie Tours


Best Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
My Favorite Hotel in the World


Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

Top 8 Things to Eat When in Hong Kong
Where to Have Breakfast in Hong Kong
Where to Have Lunch in Hong Kong
Where to Have Dinner in Hong Kong
Where to Have Dessert in Hong Kong
Best Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong
Best Peking Duck in Hong Kong
Best British Cuisine in Hong Kong
Best Fish & Chips in Hong Kong
Best Pasta in Hong Kong
The Dining Experience at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
The Dining Scenes in the Landmark in Central Hong Kong
Create Your Own Tasting Menu at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Hong Kong
Authentic Napoletana Pizza
Japanese Izakaya in Hong Kong


Family Travel in Hong Kong

Family Travel & Kid-Friendly Activities in Hong Kong
9 Activities in Hong Kong for Kids That Adults Will Enjoy, Too
5 Attractions Not to Miss in Ocean Park Hong Kong
Best Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong for Kids


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