Insider Tips from a Frequent Luxury Traveler

The most expensive parts of traveling are the airfare and the hotels. When you save money on either or both, you, too, can easily become a frequent traveler. First, let’s talk about airfare and how to book your flight with the best deals:

Fly Your Preferred Airlines

Find your preferred airlines based on your favorite destinations. Your airline of choice can be based on cleanliness, safety, service, routes, price, etc.

When you are looking to travel, go directly to your desired airlines’ websites to find out the current specials. Offers change seasonally, quarterly, or even monthly.

Sign up for their respective membership programs to earn miles – this is the easiest way to upgrade and earn flight rewards.


Finding the Best Deals

If you do not have a preferred airline or simply want to fly out on the best deals possible, use booking websites such as Skyscanner.

Search for your flight routes without specific dates to see the day-to-day comparison calendar of the entire month. See which airlines and routes fit your schedule and preferred budget. Then, purchase from that booking website or directly from the airline.


Best Days of the Week to Fly

Busier travel days are typically Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays when business travelers schedule their commute – this equates to more expensive flights.

If you have a flexible schedule, try flying on Tuesdays and Saturdays when airports are less busy – his equates to cheaper flights. It also makes for faster lines at Immigration, Security, and Customs.


When to Use a Travel Agent

With the convenience of purchasing online, when is it best to use a travel agent? Travel agencies are still relevant and helpful when you want to extra insurance of customer service before and during your travels.

Before your travels, your agent can assist with any changes, upgrades, etc. During your trip, your agent can do the same while you are enjoying your current travel. You do not have to waste time on the phone talking to the airline’s customer service (let alone, that repetitious hold music).

Travel agencies can offer excellent deals on flights and even hotel itineraries. If the price competes with online deals, consider the service that travel agencies provide to ease any of your travel worries.


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