Along the Rias Baixas Wine Route


Galicia, in the northern Atlantic coast of Spain, is home to the Rias Baixas – a wine route proudly growing the country’s best Albariño grapes.

Within the region, Cambados is a small fishing town known as the “Home of Albariño”

The town has a close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean which creates cool temperatures and precipitations. The wine is nicknamed, “the wine of the sea” because of its coastal location and its perfect pairing with the seafood of the region.


Martín Codáx

Martín Codáx is one the most internationally recognized producers of Albariño. Established in 1986, the company was named after a local 13th century troubadour who sang of love and of the sea of Galicia.

The winemaker, Luciano Amoedo Rodino, was also the founder of the Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin – Spain’s wine quality control system.

Martín Codáx grows small bunches and small berries. The sweet, lingering grape has high levels of sugar and acidity which produce amazing freshness in the white wines.

Wine enthusiasts can visit the Galician coast and enjoy a tour and taste of the winery.


Wine Tours

A guided tour of the winery with an explanation of the Albariño winemaking process followed by a taste of the wines can take only an hour.

For a more in-depth tour, you can take up to three hours to start with a vineyard tour, followed by the winery tour, and end with a taste of four signature wines.

You can also include a tour of Cambados and its seafood industry.  For further information on their tours, you can look at their website (link here). Advanced reservations via email are required.


Foodicles Martin Codax 1
The setting for the vineyard tour. Learning about the history, growing, and production in one of their emparrados – the small parcels of vineyards owned by the estate. The vertical trellis vines are grown to maximize quality of the grapes in the Galician climate
Foodicles Martin Codax 2
The original press. Before today’s modern technology, grapes were pressed here every harvest
Foodicles Martin Codax 3
The guided winery tour. An educational and informational tour of the winery and its production. You will further appreciate the wines after learning about their passion and love of winemaking
Foodicles Martin Codax 4
A glimpse while learning about the fermentation process
Foodicles Martin Codax 5
More tanks for the fermentation process
Foodicles Martin Codax 6
Massive stainless steel fermentation tanks
Foodicles Martin Codax 7
Many of the tanks are designated for a certain country and their wine regulations – in this case, a tank for the U.S.
Foodicles Martin Codax 8
Sensory room. After learning about the winemaking process and before tasting, this room readies guests for a proper tasting with an education in sight and smell
Foodicles Martin Codax 9
The colors of age for whites and reds
Foodicles Martin Codax 10
Martín Codáx bottles of yesterday and today
Foodicles Martin Codax 11
The tasting! Paula, the English guide, wonderfully shares her passion for the wines and educates you with wine tasting techniques
Foodicles Martin Codax 12
Tasting four signature wines. Each with distinct tastes and can be paired perfectly with Galician’s seafood and beyond


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Bodegas Martín Códax
Burgáns, Vilariño


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