Best Dishes in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco

2016 was a year of amazing eating, in large part because of Spain – one of my favorite countries and cuisines. Here are the best dishes from 2016 in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco:

Best Jamón

After sampling the top brands of jamón, including Joselito and Cinco Jotas, the clear winner was Arturo Sanchez. The taste and texture of the jamón had a smooth finesse and a creaminess along side the deep, earthy, complex flavors bursting on the palate. Read more about my jamón tasting 

Platea Madrid
Calle de Goya, 5-6, Madrid
Sunday to Wednesday, 12pm to 12:30am
Thursday to Saturday, 12pm to 2:30am


Best Chicken Wings

Alitas de pollo con salsa “kimchi”. Whether a quick lunch break, a snack before dinner, or after a few drinks, these chickens wings will always satisfy. Perfect with beer and for takeaway. All the dishes are served on a bed of mixed greens with a balsamic glaze. Read more about the wings

El Pollo Gamberro
Calle Barquillo 34, Chueca, Madrid
Tuesday to Thursday, 12pm to 4pm, 8pm to 11:30pm
Friday and Saturday, 12pm to 4pm, 8pm to 1:30am
Sunday, 12pm to 5pm
Closed Mondays


Best Callos

Callos madrieño. Beef trip stew, the capital’s winter specialty and an indulgence you will want to have all year round. Every bite is so rich and gelatinous without feeling overly fatty and oily. Another winning dish at this tavern are the oxtail regalitos. Read more about the tavern

El Anciano Rey de los Vinos
Calle de Bailén, 19, Madrid
Wednesday to Monday, 9am to 12am
Closed Tuesdays


Best Cochinillo

Cochinillo portioned for one person with a massive appetite. Rated the best in town by food insiders, this is the place to enjoy a high-quality cochinillo in which the meat is clean and milky, and the skin is perfectly crisp. Read more about my Segovia eating experience

Restaurante José María
Calle Cronista Lecea 11, Segovia
Monday to Friday, 9am to 1am
Saturday to Sunday, 10am to 2am


Best Churros

Reuniting with this classic churros con chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés. Comparing the different churros around Madrid, this tourist hotspot is always crowded for a good reason: it serves on the best churros in town. Light and crispy with a perfect bite. You will probably not want to share the plate with your friends and family

Chocolatería San Ginés
Pasadizo de San Gines 5, Madrid
Daily, 24 hours


Best Roast Pork Sandwich

Slow-roasted pork with local cured ham in a freshly baked bread, paired with local sparkling red wine. Located in a small side alley, this generations-old tavern proudly serves slow food made with deliberate thought and care. Read more about my Portuguese eats 

Flor dos Congregados
Tv. dos Congregados 11, Porto
Monday, 7pm to 10pm
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm
Closed Sundays


Best Breakfast

Eggs on khlii cooked in a tagine. An egg cooked on top of dried beef and served with cumin. Moroccan cumin is not as overwhelming and it really enhances the depth of flavor. The eggs cooked in this tagine and the flavor from the beef brings out a spectacular taste and texture to start your first meal of the day. Read more about my Moroccan breakfast 

Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech
Route de Golf Royal, 40 000
Marrakech, Morocco


Best New Dish

Tagine de poulet aux citrons confit et olive du pays is a well-known Moroccan classic. The chicken is cooked in a tagine with citron confit (salt-cured lemons) and finished with the addition of olives. The lemons produce a wonderful complexity of flavors that is fragrant, sweet, savory, and bitter. I love this dish because of the lemon flavor and the tenderness of the chicken from the tagine. Read more of my Moroccan eats

Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech
Route de Golf Royal, 40 000
Marrakech, Morocco
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