Qualifications for the Best Fish & Chips at The Chinnery

What makes an order of Fish & Chips the best? The choice of fish, the quality of the fish, the size of the cut, the coating and frying of the batter, and the bite of the fish. Then, of course, the chips must also be fried to perfection that you will not stop until everything on the plate disappears.

Fish & Chips at The Chinnery at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

The Fish & Chips at The Chinnery are without a doubt the best in Hong Kong. The fish itself is the star. The premium cut of cod is fresh and deliciously oily, as though you are eating the most premium seabass.

Then the batter and frying are perfectly light and crunchy. Plus, the chips are not too thick, yet satisfyingly crisp and substantial with every bite. The whole eating experience will make you want to order a second plate, and come back to The Chinnery again and again.

Best Fish and Chips in Hong Kong The Chinnery
Fish & Chips, $318 HKD ($40 USD). Cod fried in Boddingtons batter, homemade tartar sauce, and chips. Each order comes with two large pieces of cod and a generous serving of chips, accompanied with fresh tartar sauce and ketchup


Drinks & British Pub Cuisine

Not only does The Chinnery serve the best fish and chips in Hong Kong, they also serve excellent cocktails and all-around British pub cuisine like curries and shepherd’s pie. During lunch hours, the restaurant is walk-in only; while during dinner service, reservations are highly recommended.

Mint Julep. The Chinnery’s drink list offers an excellent choice of liquors, wines, beers on tap, and a classic cocktail list. Beers are served in cold, silver cups, and cocktails like this Mint Julep is presented in this extra cold, copper cup
The excellence of the pub is not only in the amazing food, it is also in the details of service. Guests are given a wet towelette to refresh their hands before they eat bread or chips during the meal
When you open the plastic, you might expect the usual disposable wet towelette. But, it’s the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Their wet towelette is an actual wet towel to freshen and pamper your hands


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The Chinnery
Lunch, Monday to Friday, 11am to 3pm (No Reservations)
Drinks, Monday to Saturday, 5pm to 11pm
Dinner, Monday to Saturday, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Closed Sundays

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
5 Connaught Road
Hong Kong
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