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When in Europe, of course, I will drink (too much) every day. Here are my favorite drinking moments from 2016 in Portugal and Spain:

Drinking in Portugal

Port wine in Porto. An absolute requirement when visiting Porto, Portugal. Most taverns are across the Duoro River. And on both sides of the river, restaurants, bars, and port wine shops readily serve tastes and glasses of the local port wines

Cais da Ribeira
Porto, Portugal


Portuguese Moscatel. Citrus, flowery, and grapey. Produced along the Duoro River in Porto, Portugal. A refreshing muscat to pair with dessert or to contrast against savory starters. You can taste this in the Mercado do Bolhao, Porto’s famous central market. Read more about the market and eating in Porto here 

Mercado do Bolhao
Rua Formosa 214
Porto, Portugal
Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm
Saturday, 7am to 1pm
Closed Sundays


Drinking in Spain

Wine lovers will fall in love all over again in Spain. Not only are these wines enticingly delicious, but they also pair well with all Spanish cuisine and, best of all, they are incredibly affordable. Rent a car and drive to all your favorite wineries, like to Galicia for a tasting at Bodegas Martín Códax. Read more about the tasting experience here 

Bodegas Martín Códax
Burgáns, Vilariño, Cambados
Pontevedra, Spain


The coolest and my new favorite dining table. Ice cold bottles of beer, wine, and gazpacho right inside in the middle of your table. Because of this table and the originality of the tapas, Yakitoro is easily one of my favorite restaurants of the year. Read more about my dining experience here 

Calle Reina 41, Chueca, Madrid
Plaza de la Castellana 130, El Viso, Madrid
1pm to 12am


Local Craft Beer on Tap. La Virgen beer is a refreshing brew to enjoy any time of day. At Only You Boutique Hotel in the Chueca neighborhood, you can enjoy a glass from the draft. Read more about the hotel here 

Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid
Calle del Barquillo 21
Madrid, Spain
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New Favorite Drink: Spanish Vermut

My absolute favorite new drink from 2016, Spanish vermut. Most drinkers are familiar with the Italian version of vermouth. The Spanish version utilizes local wines along with more botanicals and herbs for a smoother tasting experience. Read more about my first taste the drink here 

Mercado de San Miguel
Plaza de San Miguel, Madrid
Sunday to Wednesday, 10am to 12am
Thursday to Saturday, 10am to 2am


My favorite new drink in my favorite new food hall, Platea Madrid. This is heaven, and it tastes amazing. Vermut on tap (“en grifo”) paired with cold tapas, gildas which consist of anchovy, olives, and guindilla peppers. Read more about Platea here

Platea Madrid
Calle de Goya, Salamanca, Madrid
Sunday to Wednesday, 12pm to 12:30am
Thursday to Saturday, 12pm to 2:30am


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