Best Outdoor Day Trips in the Philippines, Singapore, and Cambodia

Over the course of 2016, there were some incredible moments to take in the beauty of nature and man-made creations. Here are my favorite breathtaking moments in Southeast Asia:

Best Reason to Wake Up: Sunrise over Angkor Wat

As much as I love laying out and enjoying the sumptuously soft bed sheets of luxury hotels, it is always worth waking up horrendously early for an epic adventure. Sunrise over Angkor Wat should be a requisite to witness the colors of the sky behind the amazing temples. I was most fortunate to catch the sun rising perfectly center above Angkor Wat which is something that only happens less than a few times a year


Best Escape from the City: Sentosa Island

Singapore is a small metropolitan. If you are based in the Central Business District, a day trip to the beach is almost a necessity. Sentosa Island is the perfect day trip getaway to relax away from the city. Read more about my day trip here


Best Day Trip of the Year: Island Hopping in the Philippines

One of the best adventures in the Philippines is island hopping. Get on a local “bangka” and explore the tiny islands with perfectly pristine sand and water. One of my travel goals was to explore the Caramoan islands as it was the setting for the show “Survivor”. Goal completed


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